Huawei opens NB-IoT Lab in Australia

Electronic enthusiasts eight o'clock: February 20 news, according to foreign media reports, Chinese technology giant Huawei opened a cellular-based narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) laboratory in Australia, designed for research and development applications, smart devices and Sensor Networks.

James Cook University

The lab is located at James Cook University in Australia, and Huawei has established a partnership with not only the latest IoT technology, but also funding for research. Huawei did not disclose the amount of the specific amount or the value of the in-kind contribution.

The lab will focus on smart reef IoT, smart healthcare and smart agriculture projects, and research conducted in the lab will enter Huawei's global IoT development.

According to Mr. Zhao Qichun, CEO of Huawei Australia, the lab will support Australia's first IOT-specific engineering degree, combining electronic engineering with Internet technology, wireless communications, sensor devices, industrial design and cloud computing.

Eighty IoT students will have the opportunity to train and learn advanced IoT technologies in real time. Huawei will also provide students with opportunities at the global headquarters in China and Australia, Sydney, as part of their future seeding program.

In April last year, Huawei also opened an NB-IoT lab in Newbury, England, and Vodafone, dedicated to the development of NB-IoT technology and applications. (Zhou Lin)

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