Late flagship - MEIZU Meizu PRO 6 Plus flagship phone use evaluation for one month

In 2016, various companies introduced various flagship models using the Qualcomm 820 processor. Due to patent disputes between Meizu and Qualcomm, Meizu has not used Qualcomm processors, and high-end products have always been Samsung Orion processors, even in early 2016. The Pro6 series released still uses MediaTek processors and has been ridiculed by everyone. It is true that MediaTek's processing is currently unable to fulfill its flagship role. At the end of 16th Meizu finally launched the Exynos 8890 processor phone that was originally used on Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and Note7, and then reached a patent settlement with Qualcomm in less than 1 month...

First of all, friendship tips, this article is longer, divided into unpacking and appearance, communication, screen and 3D Press pressure, camera, interface and NFC, performance and games, battery and power, Flyme6 system, HIFI music and other parts, not Patience can jump directly to the headline of interest to start reading.

Reason for selection

Before also tangled in several domestic flagships of the same price. After being played a few times, I felt that the monkey brand that I could not buy was not mentioned. When I could buy it, I wouldn’t buy it if I chose more. Huawei’s design and system were ugly and the brand premium was too high to buy. From the beginning; hammer really does not like the crazy behavior of the old Luo Na mouth and individual hammer powder, nor seen people around; Lenovo ZUK2Pro screen is not good and small, not NFC; plus 3 systems weak point, and ADUI and Flyme The ratio is still not enough, power consumption is also fast; blue and green international manufacturers will definitely not buy; and Meizu's universal spray is the MTK core. This Meizu Pro6Plus uses the Samsung Exynos 8890 processor, although the performance is not top, but definitely not weak, and with HIFI, this is my just needed. About the Meizu after-sales service, before helping colleagues in the Jingdong bought a charm blue note, because of Cato's reasons to SIM card slot broke, and then directly for new; six months later because the pressure can not boot, direct return to the factory changed The motherboard also did not pay. Because it is my next single, so I also help after the sale, so I feel Jingdong + Meizu's after-sales service is still more conscience.

Another reason is Meizu's full range of mobile phones are equipped with ID locks, do not know password line brush is useless, it should be the best brand to do in addition to Apple. Because the phone was stolen, in line with the psychology of stealing the thieves can not let the normal use and sales, Meizu's ID lock product is a plus. There is no killing without buying and selling, which is the same with mobile phone theft. I hope that all brands of mobile phone manufacturers will join similar functions.

Meizu Pro6 Plus just released a day no one grabbed casually bought, then a few days basically open Jingdong Daixia orders online is also very easy to buy, use the automatic generation of single-entry locked tangled several times, and later did not pay, and finally because The reason for the price was still bought in a physical store.

First disclose the starting price of Pro6Plus 64G, not 2999. In the mobile phone shop to know people, the actual price is 2700 yuan with tickets, you can refer to and Taobao or physical store bargain, 2700 should be a very ideal price.

Unpacking and appearance

Meizu Pro6 Plus packaging and content basically continue Pro5 style, the difference is that Pro5's box seems to be the carton, Pro6Plus has become plastic, more hard. Since it has been used for 1 month, fake unboxing:

How is it like Pro5? Put a Pro5 comparison:

Naturally, the Pro Series VIP card is also included in the box:

Charger close-up: model PU0830, supports three voltages of 5V3A, 8V3A, 12V2A, up to 24W, very kind of charger:

USB Type-C charging cable, wire is very thick, pay attention to the USB Type-C connector is larger than the ordinary, it is said that in order to safely put the temperature control sensor chip:

Positive overall is still Meizu has always been the classic appearance, rounded body and waist round keys, I personally more satisfied with this appearance, Meizu waist circle key design is more in line with the aesthetic, the first should be Meizu's M8, has continued Down. This appearance is also the subject of various imitations. Unfortunately, some only copy the appearance, the essence of the mBack did not, a little painted tiger can not feel. mBack was also the first to be used by the Meizu note2 for the first time. It was definitely not used. It was also used by various friends for 16 years. Because of the narrow frame design as a whole, although the screen is 2.7 inches, but in fact it is similar to the 5.5 mobile phone, the weight of 158g is relatively light, to know the small screen iPhone7 should be 138g, this lightweight design feel more comfortable, fell to the ground It's safer, and it's not easy to see your face in bed at night... Well, even if you get it, it won't hurt...

In addition to mBack, the front waist key also has a live fingerprint recognition. As for the biggest advantage of fingerprints on the front, it should be on the table and unlocked without having to pick it up. Before the fingerprints were placed on the front or on the back, there were arguments for washing the fans. However, all designs are increasingly designed to be positive, so the results are self-evident. The Meizu also added a heart rate sensor to the mBack. It should also be the first heart rate sensor to be integrated in the front. This integration makes the fuselage with no extra parts raised or sunk. It's natural to be commended. When the heart rate is detected, the APP will automatically block the back-off function of mBack to avoid a false touch and return.

The back uses a so-called one-size-fits-all nano-injection process. The Meizu Pro6 series is also the first product to use this design. The advantage is that the metal back cover has better integrity. The camera protrudes slightly from the body (why don't you learn) about 1mm, so the phone case still has to be taken.

The back part of the camera uses a CD-like texture processing, and the internal color of the camera is specially made uniform. Behind most camera lenses, the camera module is obviously different in color, and the detail processing is in place:


The SIM card slot uses a dual card design and the network supports VoLTE HD voice. There is no memory card slot difference, but Pro6Plus 64G take-off is also sufficient in most cases, but I hope that Meizu can still choose the memory card in the future. In addition, due to the issue of Exynos 8890 baseband, telecommunications users were abandoned, but I tried putting the telecommunication card in and found that the telecommunication card could still be used as a 4G network card.

Yes, you read it correctly, support the telecommunication card 4G Internet access, do not support telecommunication voice. Therefore, as most people, China Mobile is the main phone card, and Telecom is the user of 4G network cards. Meizu Pro6Plus is still meaningful. I usually use China Mobile's card for a few days and I don't think there is any problem with the signal and call. Maybe I'm not in the mountains...

Screen and 3D Press Pressure Sensing

The screen uses a few 2K resolution 5.7-inch screen, 2.5D design. This 2K screen from the Samsung 5.5 generation line, the minimum brightness of 3cd/m2, instantaneous brightness up to 600cd/m2, 103% NTSC color gamut, should belong to the first echelon display effect. Thanks to the features of Super AMOLED, it is still relatively power-efficient, and the power consumption in use is not different from the power consumption of a previously used 1080p screen. According to Super Energy's Datacolor Spyder 4 Elite color correction test results, the color gamut of the Meizu Pro6Plus screen can reach 100% sRGB, 98% Adobe RGB, and can be said to be the top screen in mobile phones.

Pro6Plus uses the features of the Super AMOLED screen to increase the information display function. It can display information such as clock, date, and power, and in order to avoid burn-in, the information display is dynamically adjusted. The disadvantage is that it does not support the display of other information, such as missed calls, SMS, WeChat, and QQ notifications. It is recommended that firmware upgrades be supported in the future. But this function is still a little power-consuming, feeling open and not open 12 hours a day, the electricity will consume about 15%. In addition Pro6Plus this model has increased eye protection mode similar to the iPhone, can be regularly activated blue light protection eyes.

In addition, Tucao's Pro5 is used for the moment, because I don’t play mobile games at the moment, but focuses on HiFi and various applications. Therefore, the performance of Pro5 is basically enough for me. It was also set before the game. But the Pro5's screen really does not allow me to accept - a little bit of perspective on the screen will be color blue and green. The final helpless return may be related to the most recent batch. At that time, it was also the idea of ​​holding the first batch of products to be a word-of-mouth and the screen should not be so pitted. Pro6 Plus was established. After all, some mobile phone manufacturers have just used A-screens when they are on sale, and there are also some examples of changing the B-screen later. Pro6Plus has no shortcomings in this screen. It performs very well in daily life. The color is accurate and can be seen under strong sunlight. The display effect is everyone's concern, so bully about Pro6Plus, screen color comparison based on MacBook Pro (Retina display):

It can be seen that the screen of Pro6Plus still retains the vivid features of the Super AMOLED screen, and the color reproduction is basically accurate. When both are at maximum brightness, Pro6Plus is even brighter than the MacBook Pro, so you can see more detail in the shadows. MacBook Pro screen remake 100% part:

Reproduced 100% part of Pro6Plus screen:

It is indeed a very good screen.

On the screen operation, Meizu consistently praised the double-click/sliding light screen, and the gesture-switching song on the information screen is also very user-friendly. After all, the basic high-end headphones are not equipped with a wire control; besides, it is worth mentioning that 3D Press pressure screen technology. Meizu is also the first mobile phone manufacturer to implement a pressure-sensitive screen on Android. More and more APPs now have increased support for pressure-sensitive screens, saving a lot of time and being familiar with it is still very convenient. For a severe online shoplifting patient, I now open Jingdong daily, and Taobao sees the status of order logistics basically using 3D Press to enter the APP. In addition, the system's built-in dialing and text messages automatically pop up favorite contacts when pressed, making them very user-friendly.


Pro6 series has a ring flash, a total of 10 LED, white light alternately composed of yellow, this seems to be the first Meizu? After testing in a dark room, the ambient flash is no brighter than other single point flashes, but the illuminated area is really much larger. With 1/2000 F3.5 manual exposure, you can see that every LED is on There is an independent light soft light pattern:

The camera uses a Sony IFA CMOS CMOS sensor, F2.0 aperture, 12 million pixels, a single pixel area up to 1.25μm, while also equipped with a four-axis optical image stabilization module and laser focus module. Because there is no peer mobile phone as an opponent, so bully Pro6Plus, resorted to a full-scale micro-single killer, it goes without saying that the total defeat is inevitable ... After all, the whole range of system package down regardless of price or weight is several times Pro6Plus Even if a "correct picture" is a benchmark. First, a contrast under sufficient light, first full scale 1/400s; F9; ISO 100:

Meizu Pro6Plus: 1/2597s; F2; ISO40:

The green plants and most of the dim light photos were taken from the China Science and Technology Museum near the Bird's Nest. The indoor lighting is relatively constant. We also welcome the friends to go to the same scene to photograph and contrast. The green plants in the hall first, full width 1/60s; F4; ISO1600:

Meizu Pro6Plus:1/33s;F2;ISO400:

The low-light environment, at this time, the ISO of the full-format micro-single-system automatic mode has soared to 3,200, which is unthinkable on mobile phones. Full size 1/40s; F4; ISO3200:

Meizu Pro6Plus: 1/10s; F2; ISO160, note that this has been a little glare out, the optical structure of the phone is far less than the SLR lens, and there is no Zeiss T coating blessing, this is impossible to compare:

Outdoor night scene ... In this case, all mobile phones will be fully abused, full-width 100% is still clear, the mobile phone is a vague and complete law to see, do not enlarge the map, no comparison there is no harm! Let's take a look at the small picture, full-frame handheld five-axis image stabilization under 1/3s; F4; ISO1600

Meizu Pro6Plus: 1/5s; F2; ISO400, in fact, does not enlarge, put a circle of friends is still acceptable, after all, the background is still very pure:

Then there is a delightful part of the game, although the full-range system uses the F4 aperture, but because of the CMOS area is too much difference, even if the virtual focal length performance is far less than the F2.0 aperture under the mobile phone can be compared. First full width 1/60s; F4; ISO 2500, background spoons and bamboo have blurred:

Meizu Pro6Plus: 1/33s; F2; ISO640

Full frame 1/60s; F4; ISO640

Meizu Pro6Plus: 1/33s; F2; ISO125

In most circumstances, it is actually good. In general, the white balance of the Meizu Pro6Plus camera is somewhat yellowish in some cases. As for the low-light environment and blur, it should not be compared with the full width system. How big is it? However, the performance of Pro6Plus in most environments, if not on the computer to enlarge, it is still acceptable to send a circle of friends on the mobile phone. After all, the camera's camera is mainly to do these, want to perfect or blur or create Or honestly buy the full-width system, this is replaced by iPhone10Plus is also the same, cable is great to protect the widowers smile full micro-advertisement advertising time, motionless to see which phone seconds SLR ignorance argument is too lazy to Tucao, a shot is enough Buy a few mobile phones

# # of SONY Sony's full-spectrum micro-single FE system lens purchase suggestions Now that more and more people have purchased Sony's full-format micro-single lens, the FE system's lens has gradually grown. This article does not consider relaying. FE native interface lenses are rated in 4 levels: 1. Master level: The quality of the camera is not the top choice for professional photographers or local tyrants whose size and price do not care. 2. Recommended Level: The focus of this article. Cost-effective, excellent picture quality, reasonable size and easy to carry, most people preferred lens. Recommended Level zdwb | Likes 280 Comments 362 Favorites 1k View Details

The mobile phone is better than the mobile phone, in this regard we can also refer to other media evaluation. There are a lot of comparison tests on the various mobile phone “General Ryukyu Ryota” on the Internet. Before I buy it, I also look at some of them. The overall evaluation of Pro6Plus is in line with the first-line level of domestic mobile phone in the same grade, referring to foreign websites. The low-brightness photo comparison is very intuitive and linked here.

When the camera is partially written out, there is a chance of using the friend iPhone7 Plus. Then the Pro7 Plus is a benchmark product for the iPhone 7 Plus, which is not too bright or too dark. Both have no HDR, automatic mode.

If you do not say that you can distinguish that is iPhone7Plus, which is Meizu Pro6Plus? The figure above shows the iPhone7Plus (1/25s; F1.8; ISO32). The figure below shows the Pro6Plus (1/33s; F2; ISO125). The white balance of Pro6Plus is not yellowish than this time. The automatic shooting parameters of the two are different. The shutter speed of iPhone7Plus is slower and the ISO is 32. The shutter speed of Pro6Plus is higher, and ISO is 125. At 100% magnification, this also makes the Meizu Pro6Plus more sense, but the details are actually more than the iPhone7Plus. In general, the Pro6Plus camera performance is acceptable. White balance hopes to be more stable and accurate in the future. This should be solved by firmware upgrade. Portrait of the current program will not let go, first, portrait because of three elements (beautiful girl x3) reasons are not objective, and second, portrait I still recommend using a full-length large aperture to shoot candy, although no nutrition but really good-looking ... ... finally put a few Taken separately, the Pro6Plus takes two pictures. The first one is taken automatically and the second one is HDR:

Very low light environment, taken in the China Science and Technology Museum, shooting in an almost dark room, with only a few LED lights, Pro6Plus screen is still very pure, 1/4s, F2, ISO640:

Automatically 1/8s, ISO800, no later period:

Interface and NFC

USB Type-C interface supports USB3.0 function, the speed is a bit surprising when copying from computer USB3.0, 1G large file copying from computer to mobile phone takes about 10~11 seconds, it is almost 90~100MB/s. It can be said that it is often like to copy big sister to the mobile phone, but it is not a good idea to copy the FLAC and other non-destructive large format HIFI users.

The NFC chip adopts NXP's PN66T chip, but unfortunately it is not perfect at the time of writing, and the NFC function is not yet available. The NFC bus card function of the Royal Mile China Mobile SIM card will not work either. Customer Service said it will be improved in the next version. Feel as a flagship product, this is actually very irresponsible, obviously there is NFC in the promotion, and then tell you after you buy this feature can not be used, even released a month later can not be used, a bit too much, if it is more true than false Publicity? This should be the biggest problem with Pro6Plus.

Performance and Games

The Pro6Plus CPU is a Samsung Exynos 8890 manufactured on a 14mm FinFET LPP process. The four code-named "Mongoose" Mongoose's self-defining large core + four Cortex A53 small cores provide 30% more performance than the previous generation Exynos 7420. Decrease by 10%. On the GPU side, the 64GB version is a 10-core down version of the Mali-T880MP10, and the 128GB full version is a 12-core ARM Mali-T880MP12. The Meizu complemented MediaTek's shortcomings in the game to meet the needs of current mainstream gamers. There are also LPDDR4 and UFS 2.0 storage technologies. Ann Bunny running points and other tests on the Internet basically the same, 64G version of more than 11 million points, 128G full blood version of running more than 13 million points, you can draw Qualcomm 820, do not put the map. However, the daily application is not a running point after all, and the current relatively new game has been selected for testing. The test is the highest quality of the game. In order to facilitate screen capture, the built-in recording function of the system is enabled. The system is a beta version of Flyme Now I basically don't play mobile games. In order to test specifically install four games, because FPS is in the lower right corner, in order to prevent the aunt's watermark mess, FPS I re-placed on the screen in other locations.

1. "Implosion" is an action mobile game launched by the manufacturer Rayark Inc. in 2015. Pro6Plus runs without stress. The frame rate of most scenes is near 60. This game is too stressful, just put a picture.

2. Collapse 3
First set the highest quality settings, the collapse of the 3 quality options are the most in these games:

Dynamic main interface frame rate can basically be maintained at 36.8fps. In-game combat scene frame rate is mostly 50+. In most scenes, the frame rate is 45+, and play is very smooth.


The same is the highest quality, the whole battle is almost completed at a frame rate of nearly 60fps, and individual skills such as Blizzard AOE will drop frame rate at 38.5fps.

4. Spirit of the soul

MMO-type games are generally relatively hard to eat hardware... Cinematic basically at 45-55fps, battle scenes average at 40-55fps, in extreme cases at 30fps

5. Performance summary

Note that the non-rigorous test, in addition to the 2k resolution, has enabled recording during the game, and these have an impact on performance. Meizu Pro6Plus basically has no pressure under the highest quality and 2k resolution of the current mainstream games, and it is relatively smooth and smooth. It is very noteworthy that the temperature control during the game can definitely be described in surprise. The long-term game still maintains a warm touch and will not feel hot at all. It is very consistent with its "calm" propaganda and can definitely satisfy the heavy game players. Of course, the OCD may not be accepted by the party. I still think that the mobile phone is used for it. It is enough to stabilize it.

Battery and battery

The battery uses a 3400mAh capacity battery. Before I did worry about the 3400mAh problem. After all, 2k screens plus 16 years of domestic machines seem to use a 4000mAh high capacity battery, but thanks to the power saving of the CPU and the screen. Flyme's overall adjustment, the daily use of time does not feel much different from the 4000mAh capacity model, while ensuring a lighter and more comfortable feel. I personally listen to songs in 2 hours everyday and use about 30% of the rest of my APP before basic sleep. The fast charge rate is a bit shocking, from 20% to 80% it takes about 35 minutes, and 5% to 90% is less than 1 hour. In addition, Pro6 Plus's battery is said to have a long life of 900 times. It can be used for 3 years. This can only be detected by time, expecting long-term performance.

Flyme6 system

The system has been updated to the latest Flyme The new features can be referred to online articles. Aunt Zhang also has an article written specifically for Flyme6. Flyme6's advantages and new features do not say, this can write an additional article, this article does not expand, we can go to the Flyme official website to view, especially the push notification content and APP standby management is indeed better than before.

Flyme6 has been used since it was launched, and I have found the shortcomings:
1. Icon and drop-down notice UI design without Flyme5 aesthetics. May wish to put more shortcut buttons in the drop-down notification bar, Flyme6 from Flyme5 generous and meticulous into a bold style, this did not look good before. However, there is no harm without comparison, and it feels acceptable when you are used to it.
2. After the Do Not Disturb mode is enabled, the vibration will not be canceled automatically (Flyme5 will automatically cancel the vibration if it is turned on), leading to 2 points per day before I go to sleep. Extra vibrations should be turned off.
3. Some articles in the WeChat link are too large. Flyme is said to optimize display fonts and should be the cause of this optimization BUG.
4. When playing music with a headset, when the microphone is turned on (for example, WeChat sends voice), the music sound will suddenly become 0.5 seconds larger and more intimidating.

Of course, for a newly-released beta test system, it is a bit demanding to ask for no problems. In addition to these problems, no serious BUG, ​​no response, or automatic restart is found during use. Since the Meizu system update speed is not bad, these issues should be solved step by step. In addition, Flyme6 had feedback on the power consumption of a certain model on the forum, but I didn't feel this way for Pro6Plus. Basically, if Virgo is pursuing extreme stability, it is recommended to use Flyme5 first; people who can accept minor minor problems and wish to enjoy more functions can still update to Flyme6.

In addition, Meizu’s system advertisements can all be turned off by the way, but they need to enter the built-in apps and close them respectively. It is recommended that you first get all the systems with their own app points and turn them all off afterwards. In addition, the built-in App can be uninstalled after Root. Root is its own function.

HIFI audio system

The Pro series can not fail to mention the HIFI audio module, but ... sound quality can not run a point? Most people hold an attitude of "sounding on the line" for the sound quality of mobile phones. This has also caused Android manufacturers to make progress or even retrogress in the audio field. Although I do not particularly burn, the most sound quality is slightly sought after. Mobile phone playback is mainly easy to go out, because the reason for the portable is that many times it is hoped that the mobile phone directly pushes it. To go out with an extra player or mobile phone DAC is too much trouble too much trouble (go out without the habit of bag), even before considering OTG line DAC program, including the LG G5's HIFI module, although the size can be reluctantly accepted, but that 4 hours from 100% to 0% such as the collapse of the battery is simply unbearable.

The Meizu Pro6Plus adopts the HIFI scheme which is the ESS ES9018K2M decoder chip and the ADI AD45275 op amp chip. The dynamic range of the ES9018K2M is 127dB SNR and -120dB THD. The ADI AD45275 op amp chip 180MHz gain bandwidth and high speed up to 225V/us. Slew rate, these parameters are all good, even surpass some players. I believe that Meizu as an old player to do the player in the audio field is still relatively rich experience, these should be no problem with the match.

First of all, try the old SRC problem of Android. SRC problem is simply that if the audio is not a multiple of 44.1khz, it will sound bad. Then I tested the highest 192khz audio supported by Meizu. Here is the frequency scan chart:

The professional audio interface is used for instrument input, so only monaural recording is supported. If you are lazy, you will not change the channel and test again, so you only get a mono. From the frequency scan chart, we can see that this machine of Meizu has already avoided the SRC problem of Android. If the Android machine can't do this, don't mention HIFI. The high-frequency part begins to weaken near the upper limit of human hearing, which should not affect the sense of hearing. Nor should anyone take this band to abuse their ears.

The earphone I use today is the flagship CKR100 of the iron triangle in September 2016. The reason why I bought this earplug is because the sound quality is very good. The omnivorous food is comprehensive and abnormally good. The impedance is only 12 euros. As an upgraded version of the Iron Triangle CKR10, this ear plug should be the first appearance on Aunt Zhang (to fill too many pits, earphone articles lazy cancer attack has been in the draft for a long time) I chose the headset and mobile phone, purpose They are relatively clear, only for the sake of mobile phone push, without decoders and amps, otherwise not only a lot of money, but with so much is too tired. As for testing songs, "Classic fever" songs such as Ferry also do not appear in this article. The development of audio equipment is also changing with each passing day. I still remember that the 90-year old Sony WALKMAN GX674 would cost 2,000 yuan. It is estimated that one MP3 can now be dropped in seconds. Not to mention whether the audio recording equipment and technical standards of the 1980s songs can meet the resolution of the 2016 playback devices; I think that for modern playback devices, if this background is simple, the female voice will almost always restore details If you have a problem, you can throw away the trash directly.

The iron triangle CKR100 is an earplug of about 2,400 yuan. For mobile phones, this kind of audio source does not have a short board. Listening to the track for the true singing by the United States "hot hot の ユ ー トピア トピア トピア トピア 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 However, on several Android machines tried, there was no sound quality that satisfied me. Even if the FLAC was played lossless, it could clearly feel that the resolving power was not enough, and the audio had a bad feeling of splitting, but this feeling completely disappeared in Pro6Plus. Now. Even if compared with the phone's iPhone with sound quality benchmarking, it's even better. When doing AB contrast, the background music and human voice of the iPhone's climax part have started to mix together, but the Meizu Pro6Plus vocals and music are still clearly discernible. The degree of separation is very good. In order to avoid further brainstorming, please ask a friend to listen blindly and think that Pro6Plus outperforms the iPhone. Later, the CKR100 headphones were used to test the performance of the same song in an external DAC decoder at the level of 3,000 yuan. The same background vocals were clearly distinguishable, demonstrating Pro6 Plus's correct sound orientation. Just look at the sound quality, Meizu Pro6Plus sound is still more balanced omnivorous three-phase orientation, good resolving power, no audio and video, big dynamics are acceptable. If you are too tall to dare to say anything, there is no pressure to reach the level of the thousand yuan. But it is estimated that in order to save power, Pro6Plus's thrust is much lower than the Meizu last generation flagship Pro5's thrust of the same door. Of course, the thrust of Pro5's thrust is not as mobile phones. Because Pro6Plus is very general thrust, even if forced to open the high-impedance headphones option, the lifting thrust is still limited, so it is not recommended with high impedance headphones.

At present, for the HiFi sound quality design of mobile phones, all major manufacturers do not pay enough attention to them. At present, the high-end models except the Meizu base only have ViVo, but the blue-green international manufacturers are not worth your money. So if at the same time meet the performance + sound quality + not pit, basically only Meizu Pro6Plus a choice. Of course, only the pursuit of HIFI sound quality, cost-effective words can choose the previous generation flagship Pro5, after all, only 1500, the amount of questions.

In fact, the power consumption of Meizu Pro6Plus itself is very good. It is possible to lose a part of the power in high-gain mode to gain higher thrust. At present, the thrust under the "line output" option is still violently scary. In addition, some individuals on the forum have extracted Pro5's audio part and implanted it in Root's Pro6 Plus. The thrust has indeed been greatly improved. Therefore, in this regard, it is possible to solve the problem in future system upgrades. It is hoped that Meizu will strengthen the “high gain” thrust in the firmware to meet the needs of more HIFI groups.

Summary articles

Disadvantages are basically divided into three categories - A no solution; B hope to solve in the future; C will definitely be able to solve the bugs in the future.
1. Does not support telecommunication cards to receive and call, but supports telecommunication card 4G to access the Internet (A)
2. Does not support memory cards (A)
3. Camera white balance will tend to be warmer (B)
4. The thrust is weaker than that of the previous generation flagship Pro5, low-impedance headphones are no problem, but it is not recommended with high-impedance headphones (B)
5.Flights found in Flyme6 beta (C)
6.NFC is not available until this article is released. Customer Service says that it needs to wait for the system update (C)

1. The overall craftsmanship of the fuselage is high, the weight is not great, and the feel is very good.
2. Samsung 5.7 inch 2K resolution Super AMOLED screen, 100% sRGB, 98% Adobe RGB color gamut display effect is stunning!
3. Android's first pressure-sensitive screen
4. Support heart rate detection, Android first positive heart rate detection
5. Nice photographic effect, dark night black is pure. Laser focus, 4-axis image stabilization, circular flash lighting area wider and softer.
6. USB3.0 transmission speed is very fast, transmission speed is close to 100M/s.
7.mBack operation bonus and Flyme system. The system will be updated on a monthly basis, advertisements can be closed, and ROOT is built-in.
8. It can meet the smooth running of mainstream games, and the temperature control under the game is very good, in line with "cool" promotion.
9. HIFI chip, sound quality to maintain the top level in the phone

General comments:

Balanced, there is no obvious flaw on the whole. Although the game in this article is a non-rigid test under the open screen at 2K resolution, especially the contrast between the camera and the screen is based on Sony's full-page micro-single and MacBook Pro, which is unfair to a mobile phone of Meizu Pro6Plus, but the result It is still acceptable.

In general, I think that a mobile phone is like a computer. You can't just look at a single CPU and you can conclude with the entire computer. Under the same budget, I prefer to lower the i7 to i5, save the money according to the demand to select better speakers, external DAC decoder, high-resolution wide color gamut display, mechanical keyboard and other peripherals. I support the need to wait for a few seconds in extreme situations in exchange for daily better audio-visual enjoyment and comfortable use. Similarly, although the Meizu Pro6Plus took Samsung's top Exynos 8890, 64G residual version of the run score is still not as good as the current flagship mainstream Qualcomm Xiaolong 820 processor, although there are more than 11 million security Bunny and 140,000 running There is a gap, but it still meets the needs of everyday APP, photography, game entertainment, and HiFi. The excellent temperature control is excellent. The mBack operation and more humane systems have no obvious short board as a whole. These designs are undoubtedly satisfying my inclination. Enough to use, more balanced in all aspects, use more comfortable people. Especially for users who value HIFI or have high-end headsets, it is equivalent to a thousand yuan more than the national brick, not only the daily burden of the increase can also use a variety of cloud music APP, only this feature is worth the price back.

At the end of 2016 Meizu also reached a patent settlement with Qualcomm, which also means that Meizu in 2017 will also completely fill the shortcomings of Soc performance. Meizu is a manufacturer that dares to innovate. Many functions and designs are also Meizu's first. After releasing this balanced and short board Pro6Plus at the end of 16th, it is also looking forward to the performance of Qualcomm Soc's Pro7 Plus for 17 years.

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