24kv/400A Mv Vacuum Contactor for Capacitor Bank (FVC8)

Model NO.: FVC8
Trademark: FARADY
Transport Package: Wooden Case
Origin: Pr. China
HS Code: 8535900090
Vacuum contactor uses vacuum interrupter to extinguish arc to frequently connect and cut off normal working current. It is usually used for 6-40.5kV system AC motor in long distance connection and disconnection.
FVC series of Medium voltage vacuum AC contactors are widely used in coal, power, metallurgy and textile. High building and other industry departments. Medium voltage vacuum AC contactor is suitable for communication: 50-60HZ. rated voltage: 13.8Kv/15kV rated current 63 to 630A feed network for long distance connection and Open circuit, and frequent starting and stopping the use of AC motor. It is especially suitable for assembling with all kinds of protective devices to form flameproof electromagnetic starter.
++++Product Feature:
• Main circuit
The vacuum switch tube uses products from well-known domestic manufacturers. The technology is mature, the quality is reliable, and the market reputation is good.
The current rating of 630A adopts the double-acting connection of the end face and the conductive clip, which has small resistance, low temperature rise, and more reliable.
The conductive row is beautiful, the cross-sectional area is better than that of similar products, and a reinforcing plate is installed at the upper end of the fixed-end conductive row to strengthen the connection strength between the copper row and the vacuum tube and prevent the damage caused by copper row deformation.
• Electromagnetic system
It adopts a closed structure and is equipped with a heat dissipation window to become a structurally complete electrical product. It fully satisfies the requirements for temperature rise and the like, and it can prevent the ingestion of dust and ferromagnetic substances and is safe to use. It is the unique structure of similar products.
Optimize the structure of the operation, reduce the start-up power of the coil and maintain the power, so the temperature rise is low, the life is long, and it is more reliable.
Set the limit buffer in the limit position of the iron breaker to eliminate the hidden accidents caused by the excessive amplitude of the rebound. At the same time, the auxiliary switch starter also uses buffer to reduce the impact force and improve the reliability of the auxiliary switch.
• Operation Mechanism
The shaft supports are flexible, the force is not stuck, and the axial movement is small, improving the performance and consistency.
Reasonable operating mechanism to ensure that the vacuum tube moves the axial direction of the conductive rod. Improved contactor performance and reliability. Makes the same three-step, spring-jumping index better than similar products.
Increases the contact pressure of the main contact, improving electrical performance and operating characteristics. The indicators are better than similar products.
The mechanical holding device is self-contained, structurally sound and more reliable to use.
• Easy to use and maintain
The secondary circuit wiring terminals have function flags, and the alignment lines are separated by a fixed color to prevent the connection error and facilitate the inspection of the wiring. According to the user's needs, the terminal can be mounted on the front or back of the machine. The number of auxiliary contacts can be combined according to the requirements.
++++Technical specification

Performance parameters



Rated operating voltage(Ur) kV 15
Rated insulation level    
1min  Power frequency withstand voltage(Ud) kV 55
Impact withstand voltage (peak)(Up) kV 110
Rated frequency(fr) HZ 50/60
Rated operating current(Ie) A 160,250,400,630 630
Rated single capacitor bank breaking current(C2  class) A - 250
Rated back-to-back capacitor bank breaking current(C2 classes) A - 100
Short-time withstand current    
Rated short-time withstand current(Ik) A 10Ie
Rated peak withstand current(Ip) kA 25Ie
Rated short circuit duration(tk) s 4
Rated load and overload characteristics    
(category AC4)100 Closing operation A 10Ie
(category AC4) 25 Sub-breaking operation A 8Ie
Rated withstand overload current  1s A 15Ie
Rated withstand overload current  30s A 6Ie
Main circuit contact resistance μΩ ≤200
Rated operating frequency    
Electrical maintenance
300(Mechanical life (heavy/minute cycle))100  Million times)
Mechanical maintenance 60(Mechanical life (heavy/minute cycle))   25 Million times)
Electrical durability (electric life)    
AC3 Million times 25(closing current 6Ie, breaking current 1Ie)
AC4 Million times 6(closing current 6Ie, breaking current 1Ie)
Secondary circuit to ground insulation withstand voltage   2000V50Hz(1min)
Control circuit    
Rated voltage(Us)(85%~110%) V ac./dc.  110V,220V,380V
rated power(Ps)    
Electrical maintenance
start up<1500W   maintain<50W
Mechanical maintenance Closing<1500W   Opening<600W
Operation time    
Closing ms ≤200
Opening ms ≤60
Auxiliary switch    
Rated insulation voltage V AC380V
Convention heating current A 10
Rated operating voltage V AC380V,DC250V
Rated operating current or power   AC-12/16A;AC-15/720VA;DC-12/5A

++++Control, auxiliary circuit
Control power supply voltage Us:ac./dc. 110V, 220V, 380V or customized according to user requirements.
Control power supply: Electrically self-maintaining: Start <900W Hold <30W.
Mechanical self-holding: closing <800W opening <600W.
Auxiliary contacts: Provides auxiliary contacts for users. The conventional products are two normally closed three normally open; up to five normally closed six normally open. The machine is maintained as three normally closed three normally open; up to six normally closed six normally open.
Auxiliary contact capacity: AC380V 6A; AC220V 10A.
Power frequency withstand voltage: 2kV (except components).
++++Mechnical characteristics
Open and close time ≤ 120ms.
Three-phase synchronization ≤ 2ms.
The minimum pull-in voltage is ≤85%Us and the maximum release voltage is 0% to 75%Us.

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