Foreign technical barriers affect China's exports of 20 billion US dollars each year

Vice Minister of Commerce Wei Jianguo pointed out on the 10th that since joining the WTO, two-thirds of China’s export enterprises have encountered foreign technical barriers to trade, and two-fifths of their exports have been affected to varying degrees. The resulting trade losses amounted to around $20 billion. On the 10th, the Ministry of Commerce released the first batch of 10 Technical Guides on Export Commodities in Beijing to help domestic companies understand foreign technical standards and better cope with technical barriers to trade.

Wei Jianguo said at the press conference that with the acceleration of the process of world economic integration, traditional trade barriers have gradually weakened or eliminated, and anti-dumping and technical trade barriers have been increasingly used. Developed countries use technological advantages to maintain national or regional overall security, safeguard human or animal and plant safety, and protect the environment. They continue to adopt technical regulations, standards, certifications, patents and other means to raise market technology thresholds and form a large number of export products for China. Trade barriers. At present, technical trade barriers have surpassed anti-dumping and become one of the main obstacles restricting China's foreign trade exports. Technical barriers to trade have a certain impact on China's foreign trade exports, national economic development, and even national economic security, and must be given high attention.

Wei Jianguo said that as a new attempt to build a service-oriented government and an important task to accelerate the transformation of China's foreign trade growth mode, the Ministry of Commerce will formulate and publish the Technical Guidelines for Export Commodities in phases. By the end of next year, it will provide a technical guide for 100 export-oriented commodities for domestic export enterprises without charge, involving an export value of 200 billion US dollars.

Chang Xiaocun, director of the Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Commerce, said that the 10 "Technical Guides for Exporting Commodities" of the first wholesale cloth are 9 kinds of exports of honey, squid, leather products, knitwear, down jackets, aluminum profiles, air conditioners and electric tools. Goods and “EU commodity packaging”. As public information, the Ministry of Commerce will provide free browsing and downloading of the Export Product Technical Guide on the government website for reference by domestic export companies.

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