Lighting gradually becomes mainstream LED application

According to the latest market supply and demand forecast report of DisplaySearch, a market research organization, it is pointed out that lighting will gradually become the mainstream application of LED. It is estimated that the usage volume in 2011 will increase by 20% compared with 2010. DisplaySearch pointed out that the increase in demand for lighting applications is the main driving force for strong growth in the LED market, suppliers are also aware of this trend, and plans to increase production capacity, the agency forecasts 2011 global LED production capacity will reach 180 billion, 2013 will reach 2270 Billion stars.

This trend is also reflected in the exhibitors of the China LED Show held in conjunction with the 78th China Electronics Fair. According to the China LED Exhibition Organizing Committee, the LED manufacturers registering for the exhibition are mainly lighting products, such as high-performance LED light-emitting diodes, high-power LED devices and modules, such as Shanghai Dinghui Technology Co., Ltd. (Booth No.: 5A070). COB form LED light source, LED fluorescent lamp for illumination and related lighting products and technical services; LED lighting module of Shanghai Xihongqiao Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (Booth No.: 5B011), RGB display device for landscape lighting and general LED lighting products; Optical Technology Co., Ltd. (Booth No.: 5B067) Indoor and outdoor LED lighting such as fluorescent lamps, bulb lamps, mining lamps, panel lamps, spotlights, ceiling lamps, ceiling lamps and street lamps, tunnel lamps, wall washer lamps, and spotlight lamps Products; Lighting Grade TOP LED of Ningbo Upgrading Optoelectronics Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (Booth No.: 2B020), Lighting Level LED Surface Light Source of 100 lm/W or more, LED fluorescent lamps saving more than 60% of energy, and LED bulbs saving more than 60% of energy Lights; Xiamen Mingyao Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (Booth No.: 5A014/5A015) Intelligent Night Lighting and indoor and outdoor decorative lighting LED related applications.

In addition, LED drive power products to be exhibited by Infinity Electronics (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. (Booth No.: 5A040/5A050) that will be exhibited continuously are also worth focusing on. After winning several major projects such as the Vancouver Winter Olympic Stadium, the main Shanghai World Expo venues, and the Nanpu Bridge, this company also undertook the “National Key Project of Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge”, totaling more than 3,000 units. Infineon's high-power LED drive power is used in this world's longest cross-sea bridge.

Analysis of China's LED lighting industry continued rapid and stable growth momentum, mainly from the following two reasons: First, low cost to attract a large number of OEM orders; Second, with China's economic growth, expanding domestic demand market. It can be said that in the eyes of all global LED competitors, entering the Chinese market is an unavoidable trend, because China is not only the world's largest LED lighting production area, it will be the largest market for LED lighting products, and occupy the right time and place. And China's domestic LED lighting manufacturers will undoubtedly gain market opportunities.