Night lighting construction project along the riverside of Fujiang River in Fuzhou (second tender) (domestic)

Tender No.: 榕 Municipal [2006] Zhao 053-1

Bid Opening Time: 2006-11-21

Industry: Municipal Public Works

Standard category: domestic

Source of funds: domestic commercial financing

Tendering Agent: Fujian Zhengda Qingshang Engineering Cost Consulting Co., Ltd.

Owner Name: Fuzhou Taijiang District Pedestrian Street Yucheng Food Street Comprehensive Management Office

Region: Domestic

Tender Content: Tender Notice 榕 Municipal [2006] Zhao 053-1 No. 05-1, Fuzhou City, along the Yangtze River Riverside night lighting construction project (tender number: 榕 municipal [2006] Zhao 053-1), has been from Taijiang District, Fuzhou City The Development and Reform Bureau approved the construction and decided to re-tender the project. The project is divided into three contract sections for domestic public bidding and the contractor is selected. First, the project overview: 1. Project Name: Night Scene Light Construction Project along the Riverside of Fujiang River in Fuzhou City 2. Project location: Hairun Binjiang to Jiangan Mingdu along the riverside of Fuzhou City. Source of funds: District financial allocation 4. Project scale: about RMB 3.8 million 5. Duration requirements: A section 25 calendar days; B section 25 calendar days; C section 25 calendar days. 6. Engineering quality requirements: qualified 7. Project scope and investment scale: A section: Cangxia Park, Wanfu Building, Futai East Facade, Furui New Village, the outline of the 13th Middle School is about 700,000 yuan; B section: 13th Zhongzheng color display is about 1.5 million Yuan; C bidding section: about 1.6 million yuan in the government building of Taijiang District; Qualification requirements: Urban and road lighting engineering professional contractors with three or more levels (including three levels). 9. Qualification review method: Post-qualification review 10. Bid evaluation method: the lowest price method that has been evaluated. 2. The acquisition of bidding documents 1. How to apply: This project uses unregistered methods to purchase bids and drawings. 2. Documents and drawings purchase time: October 23, 2006 to October 27, 2006 (excluding holidays) 9:00 am to 11:00 pm 15:00 to 17:00 pm; bidding documents, engineering quantity list ( Including electronic documents) Each set is priced at 100 yuan, the construction drawings are priced at 150 yuan each, and are not refundable after sale. 3. Documents and drawings Purchase location: Fuzhou Engineering Construction and Trading Center Zhengda Company Representative Office Address: North Dongkou, Jinjishan Tunnel, Fuzhou City III. Notes 1. Each bidder can participate in the bidding of three bidding sections at the same time, and only If the winning bidder who can become the two bidding sections is recommended as the first winning bidder of the three bidding sections at the same time, the bidding section with the lowest bidding price must be abandoned. 2. If there are less than 3 bidders to purchase the tender, the tenderee will re-tender according to law. 3. The bidding deposit shall be remitted from the bidder's basic deposit account and reach the bank account designated by the bidding agent before the deadline for submission of bids. The bidder shall attach a copy of the remittance voucher of the bid bond to the bidding agent (the remittance voucher shall indicate “the deposit of the X section of the construction of the nightscape lighting construction along the riverside of Fujiang River in Fuzhou City”). Tender: Fuzhou Taijiang District Pedestrian Street Yucheng Tender Agent: Fujian Zhengda Qingshang Engineering Cost Food Street Comprehensive Management Office (Official Chapter) Consulting Co., Ltd. (Official Seal) Contact Address: People's Address of Taijiang District, Fuzhou City Address: No. 245, Hualin Road, Fuzhou City Government Office Building (Guangda Road) 15F, Building 1, Rome Holiday Garden Contact: Mr. Xue Contact: Mr. Wu, Mr. Bai Tel: 0591-83251558 Telephone Fax: Fax Zip Code: 350000 Zip Code: 350003