Anhui is expected to use 500,000 kilowatts in electricity consumption this winter

With the advent of cold air in recent days, Anhui is about to usher in the peak of winter electricity consumption. On November 29, the Anhui Provincial Electric Power Company introduced the power situation in the province and its response work in this winter.

According to Du Guihe, deputy general manager of Anhui Electric Power Company, Anhui Power Grid will enter the critical stage of winter peaking from December 1st. According to electricity load forecast, the province's highest winter load will reach 19.2 million kilowatts. The year-on-year increase was 10.3%, and the electricity supply gap was 500,000 kilowatts. The power supply and demand situation is still relatively tight. Du Guihe said that if there is continuous freezing rain and snow, severe cold weather, unplanned shutdown of large units, and insufficient supply of coal, there will be a further increase in the power supply gap. At present, the province's 20 main power plants have 1.58 million tons of coal reserves, which can be used for 13 days.

It is reported that in order to do a good job of power protection work this winter, Anhui Electric Power Co., Ltd., after an in-depth analysis of the supply and demand situation, has focused on accelerating the construction progress of key infrastructures and technological transformation projects for power grids, optimizing the operation and management of power grids, and promptly implementing various emergency measures for peak winter conditions. . At present, the 220-kilovolt Hefei area in Hefei area, the Yueqiao area in the Wuhu area, the Boyang transmission system in the Zhangzhou area, and the 500kV Fanchang intelligent transformation project will all be put into operation before the peak of electricity consumption. At the same time, the ±800 kV UHVDC Jinsu line transmission project, the 1000 kV high voltage power transmission line eastward transmission and transformation project, and the 500 kV Feixi transformation comprehensive automation project are being stepped up. Du Guihe said that the start-up construction and smooth operation of these power transmission and transformation projects will lay a solid foundation for improving the power transmission and transformation capabilities of power grids, and provide guarantees for the smooth development of Anhui power grid during peak winter work.

In addition, Anhui Electric Power Company also used the favorable opportunity of relatively light load in the autumn to repair and replace the existing power transmission and transformation equipment of the power grid. A total of 320 maintenance work was completed, and the accumulated maintenance capacity was reduced to 7.2 million kilowatts. The reliability of the power generation and transmission and transformation equipment of the power grid.