AMD 28nm notebook graphics lineup also leaked: 64-bit bye

AMD 28nm notebook graphics lineup also leaked: 64-bit bye NVIDIA 28nm new technology notebook under the full line of exposure, AMD's corresponding new products have also been released, but a lot less on the model, especially the entry level of 64-bit memory bit width disappeared completely, be considered to give way to the Fusion APU .

According to previous news, AMD 28nm 7000 series notebook graphics cards have four cores, codenamed Thames, Chelsea, Heathrow, Wimbledon, Wimbledon, but now on the lower Thames It has disappeared, leaving only three core and six models.

Chelsea Pro/XT is the lowest end, with 128-bit 2GB GDDR5/DDR3 memory, thermal design power 25/35W, 3DMark Vantage performance up to P9000, P11000, regardless of specifications parameters or performance levels are very close to NVIDIA N13P- GS/GT.

Heathrow Pro/XT is also equipped with 128-bit 2GB memory, the latter specifically use GDDR5 to abandon DDR3, thermal design power 35/45W, 3DMark Vantage scores exceed P11000, P12000, and NVIDIA does not have a corresponding product in this range .

Wimbledon Pro/XT bit width is increased to 256-bit, with 2GB/4GB GDDR5 respectively, thermal design power consumption is 60/80W, 3DMark Vantage score reaches P14000, P16000. The former is comparable to the 128-bit wide N13-GE, which has slightly higher performance than the N13E-GS1 but consumes slightly higher power. As for the NVIDIA flagship N13E-GTX with 3DMark Vantage scoring up to P20000, AMD seems to be ignoring it.

As for the number of stream processors owned by the above cores, it is still not known, and even the specific architecture does not have a very precise statement.

The two cores of Chelsea and Heathrow will be trial production in early September and shipments in December. Wimbledon will be later. It is expected that trial production will begin in early October and be shipped in January next year. Overall, it is faster than NVIDIA.