APEC Meeting Promotes Alternative Internet Business Opportunities

APEC Meeting Promotes Alternative Internet Business Opportunities

For many Internet companies, "Double 11" is a feast that cannot be missed, but the APEC meeting held during the same period also brought a lot of opportunities and challenges for them. The flexible and responsive Internet companies also With APEC meeting fired.

Stimulating travel consumption to promote cyber security

Cyber ​​security has now become one of the topics of greatest concern to all walks of life. According to Rising, during the preparation of the APEC meeting, APEC has launched the highest-level service plan and provided timely and professional services to various central government departments directly under the APEC. Information security services. Security experts said that the APEC meeting is an international conference related to people's livelihood and national interests. Therefore, the work of ensuring information security is particularly important. The reporter learned from major cyber security companies that the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and the General Administration of Safeguards and other agencies are the important functional departments that have successfully held the APEC meeting. The cyber security companies have increased their input in information security services to ensure safety. Network information security during the APEC meeting held by various government departments.

With the APEC meeting, many people ushered in the “Little Golden Week” of APEC holidays. The reporter learned from Tongdu Tourism yesterday that from the perspective of the number of bookings for various tourist products, the APEC gold that Beijing residents enjoy is exclusive. During the week, many people chose to go to southern cities or enjoy short-term exits to enjoy APEC holidays. They did not “block” the capital; at the same time, the ticket bookings on the above routes also rose accordingly; In contrast, traffic restrictions in Beijing and its surrounding cities have caused the self-driving tour to suffer from the cold weather; hot springs and parent-child swims have become a favorite choice.

Give birth to the next car with hot P2P car rental

According to survey data from relevant agencies, during the APEC period, due to restrictions on odd and even numbers, 50% of office workers with car owners will choose to rent a car for the next day, of which 60% will choose to use the car on the same day. However, according to the reporter’s understanding, traditional rental car companies have limited enthusiasm for launching car rentals because of the size of the vehicle fleet. They are also more willing to re-rent one car on the spot. This means that for tenants, they are in APEC. During the period, either choose to pay twice as much for the rental car rental for 6 days, or you have to run the car rental company offline store every other day. However, the confusion of traditional car rental companies has become an opportunity for the P2P car rental companies that have recently become more dynamic.

Li Rubin, founder of the P2P car rental platform, told the reporter that unlike traditional car rental methods, renting a car on a P2P car rental platform such as a treasure car rental car does not require a tenant to go to the line car rental store for an hour or two. Procedures, directly through the mobile phone APP can search for a suitable vehicle nearby, online car rental procedures can be completed, and can be achieved without the need to meet the owner to find a car, pick up the car and return the car, the entire process can be in ten Completed in minutes, saving time and effort. According to the data from Treasure Car Rental, APEC began to increase its orders for car rentals on the next day from the previous week, and so far, orders for the next day have already accounted for more than 20% of the total orders.

The beautiful "money" scene of the P2P car rental platform has long been peeped by capital. Recently, the P2P rental car platform PP car rental announced the official announced to obtain 60 million US dollars B round of financing, it is worth noting that this B round of investment to obtain, from its 10 million US dollars A round of investment is only a short period of time after half a year, is the PP rental car again in the capital Get generous investment in the level. At this point, the industry's top few venture capital firms were all in the pocket of PP car rental, and they also set a new record for the P2P car rental industry.

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