Smart home system based on PIC32 implementing TCP/IP network protocol and zigbee wireless sensor network

Background of the project

With the advent of the Internet of Things, in 2010, many provinces and cities in China have released the "Internet of Things Development Plan", and the development of smart homes in the subfield of the Internet of Things has also been promoted to a very large extent. Since the core and foundation of the Internet of Things is still the Internet, in the project design, we connect the sensor network inside the smart home to the control core PIC32. The PIC32 implements the PIC32 web server function according to the TCP/IP protocol by controlling the network module. The web server can be accessed remotely through the browser of the mobile phone or computer, and the appliance can be controlled by clicking a link. The low power consumption and high reliability of this embedded Web server make it particularly suitable for home small web server control.

Second, demand information

Platform to be adopted:

Cerebot 32M×4

Two Digilent PMOD products:

PmodNIC - Network Interface Controller

PmodSF-Serial Flash Rom, 16 or 128 Mbit

III. General outline of the project

For this project, we plan to remotely monitor the home environment through the network.

Collecting environmental parameters inside and outside the house through sensors distributed throughout the house, and the obtained data is aggregated to the general control board Cerebot_32MX4 of the project through ZigBee network or wired connection;

Cerebot_32MX4 implements the link with the Web server according to the TCP/IP protocol, and realizes the data transmission between the remote terminal device (PC, mobile phone, etc.) and Cerebot_32MX4 through the Web;

Cerebot_32MX4 can transfer the collected data to PCs and mobile phones, so that people can understand the situation at home in any place where they can connect to the network, and remotely control the devices in the home, such as controlling the sprinkler system in the lawn and garden. Watering the flowers and plants. Turn on the air conditioner 10 minutes before you get home, so you can enjoy the comfortable temperature immediately when you get home. At the same time, people can use this method to control the equipment around them at home, so that the house can be intelligent;

Cerebot_32MX4 can also process the collected data by itself to realize the automatic control of the facilities in the home. At the same time, the parameters of the automatic control can be set through PC and mobile phone.

The overall system block diagram is as follows:

Smart home system based on PIC32 implementing TCP/IP network protocol and zigbee wireless sensor network

Fourth, hardware design

(1) Collection of internal information of the family It is proposed to use Zigbee nodes to form a sensor network. One Zigbee node is used as the total sensor collection point, and is connected with PIC32. The other Zigbee nodes use wireless communication to transmit sensor information with the total node.

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