Domestic sensors rely on imported high-end products

Domestic sensors rely on imported high-end products

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Electronics Department released a white paper on the development of the domestic first sensor industry in Hangzhou on the 22nd. The white paper shows that in recent years, the domestic sensor market has continued to grow rapidly, with an average annual growth rate exceeding 20%, and will rapidly expand. However, there is an overall low level of technology, and high-end products rely heavily on imports.

According to the white paper, from 2009 to 2013, the average annual growth rate of the domestic sensor market exceeds 20%, and the market scale in 2014 is expected to exceed 86 billion yuan. It is predicted that the sensor market in China will develop steadily and rapidly in the next five years, and the average sales growth rate will reach more than 30%.

At present, the domestic sensor industry has formed a complete industrial system from technology research and development, design, production to application. There are 10 categories, 42 subcategories and more than 6000 kinds of sensor products. The middle and low-end products basically meet the market demand, and the product variety satisfaction rate is 60%- 70%. However, from the perspective of industry product structure, the proportion of old products accounts for more than 60%, and new products are obviously insufficient. Among them, there are fewer high-tech products; at the same time, digitized, intelligent, and miniaturized products are seriously deficient.

In 2013, the four major application areas of domestic sensors were industrial, automotive electronics, communications electronics, and consumer electronics. Among them, industrial and automotive electronics accounted for about 42% of the sensor market share, and the fastest growing was automotive electronics and Communication electronics application market.

The white paper pointed out that the main problems faced by the development of the domestic sensor industry are that the company has a small scale and high-end products rely heavily on imports, of which sensor chip imports account for as high as 90%. The second is that the overall level of technology is low. Many companies use foreign originals for processing and it is difficult for independent innovation. Third, the product structure is irrational, and the varieties, specifications, and series are incomplete. Fourth, the level of industrialization is low and there are insufficient industrial facilities.

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