Is the red-shirt leader investing in Cool is forced?

I have been curious about how Zhou Hongyi solved the dilemma of “no cards to play” in the mobile Internet era. Until yesterday, I saw the announcement that Qihoo 360 announced that it would take half of the gold flow (400 million US dollars) and invested in the establishment of a mobile phone joint venture.

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Obviously, this is a gamble, and the background of gambling is well known, and the rules of the game have changed.

In the PC era, controlling traffic entry means everything. BAT has a monopoly on search, e-commerce, and IM. When everyone thought that it was difficult to have the next traffic aggregation entrance, Lao Zhou started with free anti-virus, successfully carried out the anti-virus software experience innovation and business model innovation, the browsers and anti-virus software that the giants could not see, ignored. Initiating traffic portals to develop revenue sources such as online marketing, software distribution, page-game intermodal transportation, and the second echelon Internet company that is worth billions of dollars.

In the era of mobile Internet, "traffic portal" has rarely been mentioned. "Traffic fragmentation" is the trend of the times. The value of content has become more prominent. The BAT of the rich and the rich has been consciously difficult to settle down by the previous search, e-commerce, and IM. Acquisition, layout. In this era, Qihoo 360 not only faces a single "content", but more seriously, the "killing power" that security software used to master in the operating system has been deprived and compiled by mobile OS. Security issues have become system-level problems or deep into The hardware itself, relying on security software to build a platform to form an ecosystem has become impossible.

This is the case of 360 security software, and another 360 comprehensive search that has been highly anticipated by the capital market has also encountered a "mobilization problem." The 360 ​​comprehensive search, which relies on the “channel model”, has quickly occupied a part of the market share, which makes the capital institutions happy. In early March of this year, the stock price of 360 once rushed to the highest point of 120 US dollars. But then the outside world gradually found that without the 360-side browser on the PC side, it is difficult to say the share of 360 search. 360 comprehensive search is essentially a "new business model" based on existing PC-side software. The PC side is still difficult to "independent", and if the mobile end wants to make a breakthrough, the difficulty can be imagined. Therefore, when Baidu Q3 mobile search traffic exceeded the PC for the first time, 360 search was officially released in June this year.

Furthermore, this kind of search engine rooted in the "portal drainage" of the PC-side browser, compared with the user's active input URL search, the commercial value is not one-and-a-half-point: 360 vice president Yu Guangdong once said that 360 comprehensive search PV is about one-third of Baidu, but the ARPU value (the average revenue that 360 searches for from each user) is only one-tenth that of Baidu. For the mysterious 360 search share, Lao Zhou has publicly declared that 360 comprehensive search has accounted for 30% of the market share, Baidu half, Baidu's current market value is about 80 billion US dollars, converted, 360 should have at least 24 billion US dollars Market value, but this is not the case. When the Q3 earnings report was announced, Zhou Hongyi emphasized that “online advertising revenue increased by 67% year-on-year, mainly due to strong support from mobile and search commercialization, and the commercialization of user traffic is deepening,” but it’s brought to search advertising. The growth rate is not mentioned at all.

Therefore, in the 2014 Q2Q3 financial report, there is no problem in the financial report. What happened to Qihoo 360? However, the stock price has experienced two rounds of decline, one fell from 90 dollars to 70 dollars, and once fell from 75 dollars to 55 dollars. The round fell 40%. Qihoo 360 can't keep up with the "era", the old week is in anxiety, no longer picking things around. In 2013, the whole year was harmonious, courteous, and even began to publish books.

Half of the gold flow, Zhou Hongyi gambling on smart phones, can be said to be "forced" - the mobile side can not do anything. Of course, from the past "cases", the old week that likes to shoot sports, every big move is a "precision strike", and then the move is made, and the effect is also very significant every time. This time, in cooperation with Coolpad, we jointly promoted the "Great God". What are the opportunities that have been discovered, can we once again "leave" like the PC era, and turn it into a magic?

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