Overclocking three: TG-type high-power floodlight radiator was shortlisted for the 2014 High-tech Golden Globe Award

[Text|High-tech LED reporter Yang Jinglin] The heat dissipation of lamps has always been a difficult problem for enterprises and manufacturers. Under the premise that the power of lighting fixtures is not large, the heat dissipation problem of lamps is not enough to burn eyebrows. However, with the development of the lighting industry, the power of the lamps is getting bigger and bigger, and the heat dissipation problem of the high-power lamps cannot be ignored, and the matching radiator parts should be dealt with.

Shenzhen Overclocking Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Overclocking 3”) is a leader in the domestic PC radiator industry. Based on the heat dissipation technology and core patents accumulated on PC products, it has expanded into the LED radiator industry and developed in just a few years. Out of the series of hundreds of LED radiators, the industry has a high reputation.

The first TG-type 1000W high-power floodlight radiator in China, which was selected by the overclocking three, was successfully selected for the 2014 High-tech Golden Globe Awards. This product solves the problem of high heat flux density and heat dissipation per unit area of ​​high-power LED lighting fixtures, and successfully won the prestigious brand of high-power LED cooling kit.

According to the reporter, overclocking three innovative heat pipe riveting fin heat dissipation technology, using the heat pipe heat conduction principle and the rapid heat transfer properties of the refrigerant medium, quickly transfer heat to the heat source, the heat conductivity exceeds any known metal. At the same time, the three-dimensional heat dissipation design has parallel parallel hollow holes, and the left and right convection air passages form a three-dimensional heat dissipation with the fin gap to maximize heat dissipation.

Liu Weihong, the deputy general manager of the overclocking three, said, “The first domestic TG-type 1000W high-power floodlight radiator with multiple patents can replace the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp illumination of 1500W-2000W on the market, and the energy saving rate is over 50%.”

"And the product has been produced on a large scale, with an annual production capacity of 200,000 sets." Liu Weihong said that the LED high-power light source produced by the floodlight series cooling kit has been used by Tianjin Port, Qingdao Port, Anhui Stadium, Harbin Institute of Technology It is used in gymnasiums, Brazilian football fields, etc.

Next, the top three valid votes for each award (including juxtaposition) products will be shortlisted for the 2014 (5th) High-tech LED Golden Globe Awards, which will be finalist in the expert judges stage. The organizing committee will give the period from October 15th to 31st. The expert judges will send the ballots to vote offline, and the judges of the expert judges will determine the final winners of the Golden Globe Awards.
   A list of expert judges: http://
On the evening of December 13, the Golden Globe Awards will be announced on the spot and a grand award ceremony will be held. At the same time, the 2014 high LED annual meeting, which has attracted much attention from the industry, will be held on December 12-13, 2014 at the Dongguan Guanlan Lake Dongguan Club. This high-tech LED annual meeting, standing at the turning point of historical development, invited industry entrepreneurs to mention the industry development keywords from the three directions of “transformation”, “upgrade” and “future”, and elaborated on the viewpoint of industrial elites.

2014 High-tech LED Annual Conference Opens Crowdfunding Mode 400 seats for recognition

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