(1) Product details:
Product name Monitoring pole
Model No.  LT-L5000-21
Size High:5m
Brand name Lotton
Material Steel normally Q245B/A572
Type Round, Polygonal, Octagonal, Taper round, Round ect.
Place of origin Guangdong China (mainland)
Color Black, White or Grey (Special Color on Request)
Application Traffic signal,Monitor,Surveillant ,traffic system for monitoring pole.
Cut coating Hot dip galvanized or paint .
Thickness 2.5-3.0mm
Quality control ISO 9001-2008
Welding standard AWS D1:1
Suif for Airport ,seaport ,roadway ect.
Surface finish Degreasing,pickling,phoshating,phoshating,powder coating
Packing Packing with plastic paper or according to clients request.
Capacity : 2000 Ton/month
Warranty Period 20 years
Surface finish Degreasing,pickling,phoshating,phoshating,powder coating
Delivery details: 15 working days
(2) Feature:
- (1) Designed or improved for various kinds of the pole.
- (2) Finishing: Hot DIP galvanized steel to anti rust or with Powder coating
-(3) Length: 2.5m-6.5m (special size on request)
-(4) Anti Corrosion methods: Hot DIP galvanized, anti rust primer paint or powder coating.
-(5) the bottom is 10MM steel plate,and open the holes in 12mm in the four corners, it has a line hole in the middle, the steel plate connection with the pole-bit code have four corners to strengthen the anti-down.
- (6)the pole can be divided into the upper and lower rod, the diameter of the upper pole is 90mm* 3mm, the lower pole is 114mm* 3mm, it has the line pipe hole in the Middle, the top of the pipe is 12MM round lightning rod.
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