Diffusion board factory Yingtai plans to invest heavily to expand production capacity

Taiwan's diffusion board giant Yingtai (3573) 2010 Q2 revenue reached NT$1,139 million, a quarterly increase of approximately 15.6%.

The Yingtai board of directors recently passed the preparation of medium and long-term expansion with NT$684 million. As for the relevant expansion planning and equipment introduction, it has not been disclosed yet.

At present, 80%~90% of Yingtai products are still mainly diffused. Due to the trend of LCD TV products with side-lit LED backlight design, the demand for light guides is greatly promoted. Yingtai has introduced two light guide plate production lines at the end of Q2 2010. It is expected to gradually mass production in Q3.

Flat-panel light guide products are still in short supply in the near future. Yingtai has developed micro-structured light guide plates based on the existing micro-structure design technology. It has been sampled at the end of Q2 2010 to give customers certification.

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