Japanese telescopic LED lights will see 20 million shipments in 2010

According to GfK Japan, a market research organization, since July 2009, the sales volume of electric ball LED lamps has increased rapidly, and the proportion of sales of Japanese bulb lighting products has increased rapidly. It reached 18.7% in June 2010, 56 times that of July 2009; Since the unit price of the bulb type LED lamp is higher than that of the incandescent lamp and the electric bulb type fluorescent lamp, the sales in June also reached about 60% of the bulb lighting product.

TM1914 Digital LED Strip is a double signal transmission led strip,mainly use in 5050RGBWW 5in 1 led strip,the TM1914IC is outside on the strip,

To achieve the Digital and dimmer color by a extend controller . More functions can to change the range of digital color,

the Color Temperature is range of the 2600-6500K. Meet the needs of different scenarios.

TM1914 Digital LED Strip

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