Domestic and foreign flat-panel enterprises collectively layout LED-backlit TV

Under the collective promotion of tablet companies at home and abroad, LED-backlit TVs are rapidly consuming the market that originally belonged to CCFL-backlit LCD TVs (ie, traditional LCD TVs).

During the May 1st period, the sales of LED-backlit TVs soared, accounting for 30%~40% of the tablet market, while the sales of LCD TVs with traditional CCFL cold light sources dropped to around 50%.

Nowadays, color TV giants including Changhong and Konka have begun to adjust their product structure . Not long ago, Konka announced that it will gradually stop producing non-LED Internet TVs. The latest TCL in the LED field has begun to use LED Internet TV as the main product of this year's May 1st. .

The latecomer of the tablet market, Tsinghua Tongfang is doing a lot of work in the LED backlight industry chain, from the chip to the module for the layout of the entire industry chain.

It is reported that the LED backlight LCD module of Shenyang Tsinghua Tongfang Industrial Park, which was established in 2007, is about to be put into production, and will invest 1 billion yuan to build a new LED LCD module factory in Nantong, Jiangsu.

The person in charge of Tsinghua Tongfang said that Tsinghua Tongfang has formed the most complete industrial chain in the industry from the epitaxial film of LED to the whole TV terminal through the development research in recent years. The above personnel revealed that the cost of Tsinghua Tongfang LED-backlit TV will drop by 30% through the layout of the complete industrial chain .

According to a survey report from the market research organization DisplaySearch, the latest global TV shipments report, based on the global LED backlight TV shipments of 3.6 million units in 2009, this year, with the continuous decline in the price of LED backlight modules, LED-backlit TV Shipments are expected to reach 35 million units, accounting for 20% of global LCD TV shipments.

"The large-size LCD-backlit TV is outdated. The sales of Skyworth LED-backlit TVs have already exceeded 50% , and by the end of the year, it should exceed 70%." Skyworth said that although the price of LED TVs is still higher than LCD TVs. However, its ultra-thin, energy-saving and full HD technologies have obvious advantages, and the price/performance ratio far exceeds that of LCD TVs, and the price gap between the two sides is gradually narrowing. "This is the main reason why we are rapidly promoting the popularity of LED TVs."

Xie Qinyi, vice president of DisplaySearch Greater China, said: "The spread between the 40-inch LED backlight module and the same size CCFL in the first quarter of 2010 will also drop from $140 in the previous quarter to $100, and the spread between the two companies will decline by the end of 2010. Less than $40."

Song Wei, a spokesperson for Tsinghua Tongfang, said that the advantages of LED power saving and low radiation have gradually been recognized by consumers. As the price drops, LED backlights will definitely replace LCD as the mainstream in the market.

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