Jingdian, Guangjiao and other LED epitaxial Taiwan factory consider raising the price of LED chips

Due to the large expansion of various manufacturers in the LED industry, there is a price increase in the supply of raw materials, including the upstream sapphire substrate, epitaxy gas, LED epitaxial, and LED chips. LED epitaxial Taiwan factory may have action because of this price increase, should be crystal, round, wide gallium, new century, Thai Valley and so on.

Zhang Shixian, deputy general manager and spokesperson of LED faucet factory, pointed out that the average price of LED sapphire substrate Q2 is about 20%, and the price of special gas also rises, although the proportion of cost is not very high, but it has been The client discusses matters related to price increases.

Chen Jincai, chairman of Guangguang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. also said that the company has first raised prices for international customers, and domestic customers are still communicating. Affected by the shortage of raw materials, international giants such as Seoul Semiconductor have agreed to increase the price, and the price of LED chips sold by Guangjia to Seoul Semiconductor has increased by 5%~10%.

If the LED chip price increases, will the downstream LED package and application products rise? This is the next observation focus, but industry insiders revealed that due to the large number of LED downstream competitors, the probability of price increases in the short term is not high, and limited by the expansion of the market, the downstream industry that will really go up the price should not be too much.

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