Japanese style dual card dual standby

E8+ simple design, smooth body lines, silver navigation keys embellished with white color body, the overall appearance is particularly fresh and generous; gently sliding, presenting a simple and stylish digital keyboard, as simple as the wind; and the whole back cover On the same color white body frame with shiny silver adjustment keys, the simplicity of the design highlights the exquisite, the whole match is really perfect, fresh and pleasant. At present, the machine is priced at 668 yuan. Let's pay attention to it.

E8+ uses a double-sided injection molding process, using the latest shell processing technology, the whole shell back to show a three-dimensional effect of diamond cutting and crystal-like crystal clear, beautiful beauty. Have her, come in close contact with her own heart, and push it gently.

Configurable 2.8" large HD display, clear screen display, exquisite and realistic picture, vivid color picture; no matter if video browsing or picture appreciation can bring you a non-general visual experience. Stylish fresh UI interface, personalized menu selected animation, Bring you a wonderful use experience!

E8+ supports Telecom CDMA+GSM dual-network dual-standby, one dual-card, and enjoys dual communication space, working life, social entertainment, free switch, easily by me; not only can enjoy the convenience of mature network coverage of G network, but also can experience advanced of China Telecom. Technology is fast and fun. Support MP3, the latest songs, pop music, fine music, travel music ocean, immersed in body and mind, go hand in hand; support MP4 video playback, exciting video, popular movies, popular movies, at a glance, relaxed and happy to see; mobile QQ instant online, mood sharing , Fun and interactive, the more talkative the more happy. More games, fun, boring waits and boring times become interesting, and the charm of the game is amazing.

E8+ configuration 1500mAh capacity battery, business travel, travel, play and play, do not worry about the lack of cell phone battery to bring the worry and embarrassment, long standby, long time calls, long-lasting life, to provide you with long-term motivation. In addition, the E8+ is also equipped with anti-theft tracking function. Once the lost love machine is replaced with another mobile phone card, the pre-ordered SMS will automatically send a message to the pre-set mobile phone number when the mobile phone starts, and it can receive short messages. The information is known to the other party's mobile phone number. Intimate and practical, escort your mobile phone.

Brand: SANAP Model: E8+
Mobile phone band: CDMA 2000/1x ev-do (Telecom 3G), GSM 900/1800
Main screen parameters: 240×400 pixels (WQVGA)
Ringtones: Chords, 64 Chords, Support MP3 Ringtones, MID Formats, QCP
Expansion card: support TF card (microSD card)