Microsoft refutes "post-PC era" saying that PC is in prime time

Microsoft refutes "post-PC era" saying PC is in prime time Although the news that HP announced that it abandoned its PC business was shocking, many people increasingly agree with Apple's advent of the "post-PC" era, but Microsoft insisted that PCs are in their prime and we are currently in the "PC+" era.

Frank Shaw, the head of public relations at Microsoft, said in an interview recently: "I have seen the resurgence of post-PC claims in many media in recent times. At present, for content-creation work, PC It is still the best implementation tool. In addition, the PC is doing better and better in areas where the advantages of tablet PCs such as content consumption and communication are obvious."

“In fact, PCs are still an important and indispensable tool for end-users, whether they are at home or at work. Like e-books, tablets, smart phones, and so on, these are actually Not a PC killer, it can only be said to be a good addition."

“Those computer experts concluded that something is going to die, claiming that we are in the post-PC era. It's funny. We think that, more accurately, the 30-year-old PC is not even in its middle age. It is still a future. No amount."