Raymond, a teacher at Shanghai University asks: Don't go to my class without an iPad

“A teacher at Shanghai Maritime University declared that students without an iPad did not use his class,” and a micro-blog posted by netizen “Zheng Rui Swansea” was mad. After several hard efforts, the reporter went to contact the teacher named Liang, who was named. He said that it was only "recommendation," and it wasn't forced. However, most of the recommendations of Teacher Liang were not approved.

"No iPad student is not used to his class. His class is a luxury, not to the general public..." The teacher, surnamed Liang, was criticized by his classmates when he spoke. Reebok user "Jung Rui Swansea" said: "This person had to delete his microblogging, but he opened one in English and continued to say: 'The way to shut up students is to write blogs in English. Enough is enough, and the TOEFL vocabulary will drown students in the dictionaries' oceans.'"

This recited microblogging has been forwarded more than 100 times in the past two days. Yesterday, a well-known forum in Shanghai witnessed even more fierce material and continued to inform the teacher that he asked students to wear formal clothes from the next semester, boys wear suits, and girls must wear make-up. Many netizens also commented on their comments: “This kind of teacher can only explain the shallowness of this person.”

When the reporter contacted Peng Dongyu, director of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of Shanghai Maritime University, he said: “This is not yet verifiable. Even if one of the teachers of this school actually makes similar comments on its own Weibo, it is purely 'self-talk'. In theory, after the students pay tuition fees and book fees, the school will provide all necessary teaching equipment. The school also does not require students to have a computer. "Peng Peng told reporters that if there is a teacher to force students to equip themselves with an iPad, Absolutely non-normal teaching requirements, the school will not allow and will promptly stop, and even ask the teacher not to go to class.

Last night, the party Liang Zhenyu finally appeared. He thought his thoughts were twisted and twisted. As an English teacher at Maritime University, Liang Zhenyu will use his expertise to open a bilingual finance course for English students in the next semester. He stressed that whether it is the iPad, or wear formal wear and make-up, he is using "recommendations" instead of mandatory requirements.