SiZ300DT and SiZ910DT

Vishay announces the introduction of new devices—SiZ300DT and SiZ910DT—to extend the PowerPAIR® family of dual-die asymmetric power MOSFETs for low-voltage DC/DC converter applications. The new device expands the voltage and package footprint options of the series, making Vishay the exclusive supplier of 3mm x 3mm, 6mm x 3.7mm and 6mm x 5mm PowerPAIR size products.

The 30V SiZ300DT in the PowerPAIR 3 x 3 package and the SiZ910DT in the PowerPAIR 6 x 5 package offer new footprint options and expand the range. The SiZ300DT is targeted at DC/DC applications that require processing currents of 10A and below. The SiZ910DT is suitable for applications above 20A. The area of ​​PowerPAIR 3 x 3 is approximately 1/3 of that of PowerPAIR 6 x 5.

Three new devices in the PowerPAIR 6 x 3.7 package are the industry's first products, and the previously introduced SiZ710DT expands the voltage range of this size device from 20V to 30V. The new SiZ728DT is the first 25V PowerPAIR 6 x 3.7 device. The SiZ790DT is the first device to use this size and provide an on-board Schottky diode. The SiZ730DT is the first 30V PowerPAIR 6 x 3.7 device with the lowest RDS(on).