Brief introduction of factors affecting LED light attenuation

As a new type of green lighting fixture, LED lamps are energy-saving, environmentally friendly and long-lived, and are highly respected by customers. But the problem of LED light decay is another problem that LED lamps have to face. Uninterrupted light decay has seriously affected the use of LED lamps.

For now, the decay of white LEDs on the market may be one of the primary issues when marching into civilian lighting. What causes the light decay of LEDs? In general, there are two main factors for the light attenuation of LEDs :

1. Quality problems of LED products:

1. The LED chip used is not in good health, and the brightness decays faster.

2. There is a defect in the production process, and the LED chip heat cannot be well derived from the PIN pin, resulting in excessively high LED chip temperature and increased chip attenuation.

Second, the conditions of use:

1. The LED is driven by a constant current, and some LEDs are driven by voltage to cause the LED to decay.

2. The drive current is greater than the rated drive condition.

In fact, there are many reasons for the decay of LED products, and the most critical is the problem of heat. Although many manufacturers do not pay special attention to the problem of heat dissipation in secondary products, the long-term use of these secondary LED products will pay more attention to heat dissipation than there are. LED products are higher. The thermal resistance of the LED chip itself, the influence of the silver glue, the heat dissipation effect of the substrate, and the colloid and gold wire are also related to the light attenuation.

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