Car decoder, car jammer, how to crack the car anti-theft system

The principles of car decoders and car jammers are all about the passwords and channels of car remote control. Introduction, the principle of car decoders is to remove car faults, match car remote control, match car chip electronic anti-theft, car decoders are mutually related As long as the car remote control sends a signal, the car decoder can receive the signal to read the car remote control password and the car remote control channel. The principle of the car jammer is that the car remote control transmission is transmitted by the car's signal channel. There are many types of remote control channels. The full range of car jammers can interfere with all car remote control, so that the car remote control cannot emit a signal, resulting in malfunction of the remote control. As long as the car decoder can introduce the remote control signal, it is equivalent to the car remote control, and the remote control has the same functions as the car decoder.

In recent years, cases of car theft have occurred in provinces along the southeast coast, and thieves can crack the electronic anti-theft device of the car in a relatively short period of time and drive away the car smoothly. What methods did the criminals use to steal cars, and why did the rigorous and powerful anti-theft system not work? With media reports, the mysterious professional term "car decoder" appeared in the public eye. How does a thief use this technology to steal? How did this technology break into the car's electronic anti-theft system?

Does the industry and commerce department have regulatory responsibilities for the sales of automotive decoders? The staff of Shenyang Industry and Commerce Bureau said that simply buying a car decoder does not violate the relevant management regulations, and at the same time will not cause harm to the owner's vehicle. As a special tool for the automotive repair industry, automotive decoders are only a commodity in circulation on the market, and there is currently no clear legal provisions to specify who can buy, sell and use decoders. This "vacuum" state prevents the relevant departments of public security, industry and commerce, etc. from carrying out management and investigation. The illegal sales of car decoder tools for unlocking and stealing cars has been severely punished by the industry and commerce department. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, it is difficult for the industry and commerce departments to find this phenomenon in the market by themselves. The staff member said that any illegal products appearing in the field of circulation belong to the scope of administration of the Administration for Industry and Commerce. However, according to the current situation, criminals mostly trans-provincial transactions on the Internet, and they are all underground activities that modify the regular car decoder. We do not know whether there are decoders sold locally. If a car repairman or locksmith needs to purchase and use car unlocking tools, they should go to the public security organ for record. If someone trades a car decoder in the market, we will immediately investigate and deal with the merchant.

Network transaction loopholes need to be repaired

The reporter searched in Baidu and found that there are a lot of businesses that operate car jammers, car decoders and signal interceptors online. On many web pages, products of various styles and models are equipped with pictures. The reporter asked the merchants on the Internet. During the entire consultation process, the operator did not verify the purchaser's identity information and purchase purpose. The process of paying money and getting the goods is very simple. The cybercriminals who sold decoders on the Internet just got into this loophole. We can only expect the public security and industry and commerce departments to refine the relevant management system for online transactions as soon as possible, and clarify the responsibilities of the regulatory department.

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