Why do 75% of global corporate executives pay attention to the Internet of Things?

ARM recently released a comprehensive survey report, the survey titled "The Internet of Things Business Index: A quiet revoluTIon gathers pace" is in ARM Under the auspices of the British Economist Intelligence Unit (Economist Intelligence Unit). The survey results indicate that 75% of corporate executives are actively studying the related opportunities brought by the Internet of Things; and 30% of corporate executives believe that the Internet of Things will create new revenue opportunities. In addition, 29% of the respondents expected that the Internet of Things will inspire new working models, while 23% of the respondents believe that the Internet of Things will eventually change the business model of the enterprise. The survey also shows that to enable millions of connected devices to communicate with each other and avoid the so-called "island network" phenomenon (that is, the phenomenon of having data but unable to share with other service providers and further benefit users), the first task is Implement a common standard.

Why do 75% of global corporate executives pay attention to the Internet of Things?

Simon Segars, CEO of ARM, said: "The Internet of Things is based on ARM technology. By connecting 30 billion mobile devices worldwide, the ARM ecosystem can improve city management, medical services, environment and education systems, thereby gradually changing human lives. ARM technology has laid the cornerstone for the functional development of various products, including automobiles, heart monitoring systems, washing machines and lighting equipment. Among them, power consumption efficiency and miniaturization are the key to the development of these products, as thick as hair The ARM Cortex®-M0 + processor is an example. This type of innovative design, combined with a diverse and vibrant industry ecosystem, we will be able to fully release the huge business benefits of the Internet of Things technology. "

This survey report also highlights the importance of the industrial cooperation model. Enterprises must learn about "cross-industry cooperation" and promote the popularization of common standards to avoid the emergence of "island networks".

Which industries are already at the forefront of the development of the Internet of Things?

· European companies rank ahead of other regions in research and implementation planning related to the Internet of Things;

· Among the industry categories surveyed, the manufacturing industry is currently in a leading position in the development of the Internet of Things because it must obtain real-time information to optimize productivity. Currently, a quarter of manufacturing companies already have IoT systems. The construction and real estate industries are close behind.

What are the five major factors that are preventing companies from further adopting the Internet of Things (the highest proportion selected in the survey)?

1. Insufficient skills and knowledge of employees

2. Inadequate knowledge and investment of senior management

3. The product or service does not have clear IoT elements

4. The industry standard of IoT itself is not mature enough

5. The investment cost required for IoT infrastructure is too high

James Chambers, editor of the Economist Intelligence Unit in charge of the survey report, said: "Although there is still a distance for smart refrigerators that can automatically carry out self-stocking based on changes in food in the refrigerator in people's daily life, Internet-related topics have obviously continued to heat up. At present, two-fifths of corporate executives said that they will regularly discuss Internet-related topics. Although we do not yet know whether the Internet of Things will improve in the future to even the clothes we wear The degree of networking, but at present we can't find an industry that can be outside the revolution of the Internet of Things. "

Establish common standards to share the achievements of the Internet of Things

The survey report shows that only by eliminating information silos and establishing common standards can the Internet of Things develop to cover all markets. The rise of big data is also one of the influencing factors. For example, Honda can handle megabytes of data stored in the database by 1.4 million users. Now, we are more capable than ever to manage this huge amount of data and can analyze the minute amounts of information collected from the Internet of Things.

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