Can't hold a single 8GB DDR3 price surge?

Can't hold a single 8GB DDR3 price cuts? German memory manufacturer Exceleram today introduced a new single 8GB DDR3 memory model E30200A. This normal version of the memory does not contain heat sinks and the indicators are bland: the default frequency is DDR3-1333 MHz, the timing is normal CL=9, and the operating voltage is 1.5V. The main thing is that the official price of this memory is only 49.99 US dollars (the actual price may be lower), compared with other products generally about 100 US dollars cheaper products.

It seems that the price of a single 8GB product is also holding up. Players who want to upgrade can wait, and maybe two days, mainstream manufacturers such as Kingston, A-DATA, and Corsair will follow the price reduction.