Controlled lighting helps with precise UV curing

The market vertical and horizontal bookmark0 optical and electrical information bookmark1 product is smaller (0.35 ~ 0.5in). According to Stanford Resources, LCoS microdisplays will capture 40% of the camcorder and digital camera viewfinder market in 2007 and will also have a 41% market share in the growing near-eye display market (currently in the early stages).

UMC of Taiwan, China has mastered the CMOS process and led the LCoS microdisplay joint development in Taiwan. 1匕 The company has successively entered the LCoS microdisplay market. (No. 9) Controlled illumination contributes to precise UV curing Moritex Europe has developed a programmable feedback UV source. This new programmable feedback UV source features universal power input. The patented optical feedback control technology makes the UV irradiation of quartz halogen lamps extremely stable. The power level of the UV radiation can be precisely controlled using the feedback input of a unique light source. The intensity of the ultraviolet light can be controlled to a constant level, stepped length or intermittent pulsed irradiation.

This programmable light source is suitable for optimizing UV curing and can also be used for plasma/liquid crystal display sealing, fiber/sleeve bonding, and lens and prism bonding.

Moritex quartz halogen lamps are stable at higher color temperatures (>3000K). Compared with incandescent lamps, the long life (00 ~ 2000h) required for the safety and reliability of the light source design makes it highly resistant to thermal shock.

The Moritex light source is compact and can be remotely controlled by manual control, analog or digital signals. The light source has the characteristics of safe operation and reliable performance. By monitoring sudden currents, lamp anomalies and high temperatures, it is ensured that operators using Moritex light sources achieve reliable and stable light output at every use.

The company also produces a range of high-quality, safe light sources with different functions, sizes and strengths. ()

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