Who does the intelligent lighting before the APP is standardized?

[Text / high-tech LED Gan Qin] Although in recent years, the market is overwhelmingly talking about smart lighting, but for its development status, smart lighting is more than just a concept, more often referred to as "thunder The rain is small."

From the overall market situation, the current reasons for smart lighting is not favored by consumers: the price is expensive, the operation is complicated, the solution is not mature, and the user experience is not good. In general, more consumers regard it as a non-rigid demand product, and pay attention to it a lot, but in the end it is very few.

In fact, with the development of the LED industry, the industry's understanding of intelligent lighting products is gradually changing. Previously, only the simple dimming function was not enough to call it intelligent lighting. The real intelligent lighting is no longer a single one. Intelligent control products are not a single fixture, but a complete and complete solution.

“Intelligent lighting is innovative from the endogenous or extensional aspects, and ultimately develops in the three directions of health, entertainment and safety.” Sun Yong, general manager of Sunlight Lighting, said that intelligent lighting cannot be achieved by a connector alone. Function, it must cooperate with Internet companies, and finally integrate intelligent lighting systems in control platforms, control protocols, and light source products.

However, the problem is that there is no uniform standard between the various parts of the above intelligent lighting system, and the fragmentation of the product has also caused the intelligent lighting products to suffer from criticism.

Li Zhaohua, general manager of Mingwei Electronics, pointed out that at this stage, intelligent lighting is still in the experiential stage, and technical and functional needs to continue to break through. The APP required for intelligent lighting is lacking in standards. He even pointed out that “before APP has not standardized Whoever does a lot of intelligent lighting will die."

Li Zhaohua further explained that it is impossible for users to buy only one lamp, but as far as the current situation is concerned, if you buy 10 company lights, you must install 10 apps. Therefore, it is a prerequisite to popularize intelligent lighting and achieve APP standardization. However, the current situation is that if companies are to hand over APP to other Internet companies, it is risky. If the large software platforms such as Tencent and 360 do not launch APP, it will be difficult to promote the development of intelligent lighting. In Li Zhaohua's view, smart lighting is undeniably a major development trend, but now it still needs to wait for the opportunity.

However, it is worthy of recognition that although the smart lighting market is still in its infancy, the existing intelligent lighting system systems have been actively promoting between various companies in various industries, from control platforms and control protocols to light source products. Fusion.

“As one of the infrastructures for home life, lighting is one of the most easily accepted and used intelligent products.” Xiaoxin Marketing Director Zhao Xinran said, “If the lighting companies and platform parties can cooperate in depth, they will provide users with more suitable use. The intelligent lighting products with simple and easy to install scenes will definitely promote the overall development of the intelligent lighting industry."

It should be noted that most companies are now turning to the focus on control and product innovation when developing smart lighting products, while ignoring efforts in light quality and lighting products themselves, and finally embarking on the end. The way.

As the official Yong said, "Intelligent lighting is the trend of the times, technology upgrade is the threshold, but LED must pay attention to the essence of light, which is the basic premise of the development of intelligent lighting."

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