US SETi intends to use the UV LED technology to enter the Chinese vegetable and fruit market

    US UV   LED manufacturer Sensor Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (SETi) will sell its deep UV LED business to the Chinese market to help extend the life of fresh products on commodity shelves.

David Xu, director of marketing at SETi, said the company will leverage its approach in storage and disinfection to capture market share in China's fruit and vegetable industry.

“Current disinfection of most fruits and vegetables in China is done through chemicals and pesticides, and for consumers, UV is used.   LED technology will be safer and more efficient. UV LED technology releases only 2-3 watts of current and does not cause any harm to humans and products. We foresee the potential of the Chinese market and try to seize this opportunity. David Xu added.

SETi has supplied sensor chips for the Chinese market for many years and has provided customers with standard and customized solutions. SETi began to develop its business in China in November 2015. It is still in the initial stage of product development. This is expected to last for six months. SETi is optimistic about its development prospects in the Chinese market. (Text / Silvia translation)

Strawberry life comparison test exposed to different types of UV LED lighting and normal lighting (Source: SETi)

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