Don't expect to solve all problems with a light!

It must be said that color and lighting can be said to be the most cost-effective way of home decoration, almost no increase in material costs, can play without restrictions, but in fact, especially test the skill. It should be noted that the illumination is not equal to the light field of the spotlight and the luminaire with a stack of enamel shapes.

First of all, many people mentioned that the first thing that comes to the luminaire is the ceiling lamp. Although a dome lamp can provide a good basic lighting for the bedroom, it has very big limitations.

If you are used to reading before going to bed, the reading experience brought by the ceiling lamp is bad and hurts your eyes.

If you get up at night to go to the bathroom, this lamp will be very troublesome for you.

Therefore, some people put a functional lighting on the bedside, which can bring enough light. If it can adjust the angle, it will not affect the family at night.

If it's not about cleaning and finishing clothes, soft functional lighting will get you out of the white ceiling light.

table lamp


Ramben lamp

Style intrusion is weak and easy to match. Diffuse lighting cover, frosted cover, push switch on the cable, it should be noted that, without the light source, it needs to be equipped with E14 screw light.


  Rigad work light

If you like the desk lamp with adjustable lamp head, the arm type work light is a good choice. The lamp body and the lamp holder can easily meet your lighting needs, and it comes with wireless charging, eliminating the cumbersome cable.

Of course, the base comes with a USB port, and the 2000mA current charges the iPad. The white steel frame and the warm solid birch, the simple and soft shape, is also a view of the room.

On the bed and on the desk, it will become an assistant with both value and practicality. But even the desk lamp is cumbersome for the tight bedside table.

Try the method of lower wall lamp or chandelier. The wall lamp release space can also be installed with adjustable lamp head. In addition to the functionality, the chandelier also increases the layering and color value of the space.

The Adult Sleep Headsets are placed in close contact with the ears and eyes, and when the music is played, other noises are inserted into the middle ear and the inner ear (ear drums) to achieve the purpose of sound insulation, thereby enabling a peaceful rest.The sleep headphones are characterized by softness, comfort and durability, and are of higher quality, more suitable for daily sleep.The style is simpler and mainly based on softness and comfort.


1. Wearing a sleep headset to sleep will make you feel very comfortable, there will be no cumbersome feeling, you can use it as a blindfold or as a headscarf.

2. It is easy to disassemble and can be washed with water.

3. It is suitable for use when traveling by plane, effectively shielding noise and allowing you to rest in peace.

Adult Sleep Headset

Adult Sleep Headsets

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