Two effective methods for measuring triodes

When getting the triode, the first thing to do is to measure the triode to distinguish the two-stage position of the triode. The longest method to use for triode measurement is to use a multimeter to measure. The role of the multimeter in the circuit is not only to measure the triode, but also to judge whether the inductor is good or bad.

This article will introduce the method of measuring the quality of triodes and inductors using a multimeter. Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.

Mechanical multimeter measurement

First of all, a quicker method is to judge the internal resistance first. Check if the two pins have internal resistance. If the internal resistance is zero, the triode is broken. If there is, measure it as follows: multimeter is adjusted to 1K, one test pen is fixed on one foot, and the other is To touch the remaining two feet, if it is a PNP tube, the red test pen is fixed on one foot and the resistance of the other two feet is about the same. If it is an NPN tube, the black test pen fixes one foot to measure the other two feet. The resistance is roughly the same, and the corresponding fixed foot is the base.

Next, use the 10K file to measure the other two feet. If there is no resistance, exchange the test leads. You can see that there is internal resistance between the two feet. If there is no internal resistance, the tube has lost the amplification function. It should be noted that this is The method uses a mechanical multimeter.

Digital multimeter measurement

Introduced the mechanical multimeter, the following is the digital multimeter. The range of the digital multimeter selects the diode on/off, the red test lead is positive, and the black test lead is negative. First find the base to determine the triode type, NPN type or PNP type. According to the principle of forward conduction of the PN junction and the principle of reverse cut-off, an extremely basic base is assumed arbitrarily, and any test pen of the multimeter is used to contact the base of the hypothesis, and the other test pen is sequentially measured with the other two, and the digital multimeter displays The value is 500~700Ω, which means that the base is correct. If one pole has a digital display and the other has no digital display, the base is assumed to be wrong. You can change the base to make a base and measure again until it meets the above correctness. As a result.

If the red test pen is placed on the base of the NPN type triode, the black test pen is placed on the base as a PNP type triode. The collector C and the emitter e are determined again, and the value of the collector C is slightly smaller than the emitter e, whether it is an NPN type transistor or a PNP type three pole. Taking the NPN type triode as an example, on the basis of the indeterminate base b, the red test pen is placed on the base b, and the black test pen measures the collector c and the emission set e respectively, and the result is c=601Ω, e=603Ω.

Regarding the measurement of the inductor, if the multimeter is used, it is generally only possible to measure the on and off of the coil. If you want to accurately measure the inductance, you need a professional instrument to assist. Fortunately, however, the probability of damage to the inductor in the circuit is not very high, and if burned it can be observed from the surface. But for the plastic inductor, as long as it is judged to be on and off.

From the perspective of mechanical multimeters and digital multimeters, this article explains how to measure triodes using two different instruments. Although the multimeter can measure the inductance, it may result in inaccurate results. Therefore, if you need to accurately judge the inductance, you need to use a special instrument.

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