Old charging piles face elimination, on China's electric vehicle charging standards

On December 31, 2015, the Chinese government issued five revised national standards for electric vehicle charging interfaces and communication protocols. The new national standard was implemented on January 1 this year.

The new national standard will not cause major changes in the new energy automobile industry in the short term.

The five standards introduced this time are all recommended standards, not mandatory standards. The government has not announced the specific units responsible for supervision and implementation and the promotion plan, so the new national standard will not cause major changes to the new energy vehicle industry in the short term.

Mr. Mei Congyin, general manager of Neusoft Management Consulting, said that the transition from the old standard to the new standard mainly faces the following resistance: the new energy vehicles that were sold before, their car charger standards are not compatible with the new standards. If all of them are replaced with new national standard charging piles at once, these old vehicles will not find public charging pile resources.

If you want to force the modification of the charging standards of these old new energy vehicles, it will cause huge recall losses for the car companies. Therefore, the old standard charging pile will continue to operate until the new energy vehicles and charging piles that have been sold on the market are scrapped. Just like some models that have been discontinued, car companies are still obliged to provide old accessories to the market.

According to the long-term experience of China's auto industry, some mandatory national standards have not been implemented on schedule, not to mention the new national standard for charging is only recommended standards. For example, the national motor vehicle air pollutant emission standards are delayed due to domestic oil quality problems.

China's electric vehicle charging standards are unified behind the old charging piles facing elimination

â–²Charging pile near the Shanghai Stadium

The new national standard has a great influence on the charging pile manufacturer

As the new national standard has increased the safety requirements of charging temperature monitoring, mechanical lock and electronic lock linkage, insulation detection and bleeder circuit, this has greatly improved the entry barrier for the charging pile industry. It is reported that nearly half of the charging companies have been eliminated.

However, some of the charging pile manufacturers welcomed the new national standard, which they believe can solve the long-term situation in which each car company is in charge of charging standards.

The new national standard can turn existing charging pile facilities into real public charging piles. Due to the different standards of current charging piles, new energy vehicles of different brands can only use a small amount of public charging pile resources.

Su Hao, general manager of Wanbang Charging Equipment Co., Ltd., said that their existing charging pile hardware can not meet the new national standard, and the charging interface incompatibility problem may be solved through the temporary procurement conversion interface, but this is only a transitional plan. Not the role that the new national standard hopes to play.

Lu Xiaochen, general manager of Judian Network Technology Co., Ltd., said that because the product is designed with pre-consideration of charging safety issues, all charging piles do not need to modify the hardware, as long as the software upgrade can meet the new national standard requirements.

There are three types of poly charging plugs:

1. A part of the charging pile is equipped with a 2G/3G mobile phone flow card, which can automatically receive software command upgrades;

2. A part of the charging pile can complete the software upgrade through the Wi-Fi signal;

3. For charging piles without wireless networking function, you can plug in the network cable to upgrade through the wired network.

In terms of software upgrades and charging communication protocols, Judian has applied for a number of computer software copyrights and patents.

China's electric vehicle charging standards are unified behind the old charging piles facing elimination

â–²Charging pile located in Baoshan District, Shanghai

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