Convergence platform, IC application innovation to create a huge new market

Convergence platform, IC application innovation to create a huge new market Integrated circuits (ICs) are the basis for supporting the entire microelectronics industry. Studies have shown that ICs have a pulling effect of about 1:10 on the industry, that is, 1 yuan worth of integrated circuits can drive 10 yuan worth of information products! With the rapid development of semiconductor process technology, the performance of integrated circuits has greatly improved, and has inspired a greater space for development. In the future, integrated circuits will become a platform for integration of various technologies, stimulating greater innovation through application innovation. In the market, at the 2011 Shanghai Electronics Show in Munich, many industry-leading IC suppliers such as ST, Infineon, Fairchild Semiconductor, IR, Linear Technology, and ON Semiconductor are demonstrating the latest integrated circuit products and solutions. These leading suppliers also shared their views on IC as a blending role, and believe that these ideas can bring some inspiration to the innovation of local machine companies.

Fusion! Fusion! Fusion! ——IC becomes a convergence bridge and platform “Multimedia integration that gradually integrates entertainment, information, and communications is becoming increasingly visible. Today’s consumers are increasingly expecting to use any device to access information services and entertainment content in real time, anywhere. Consumers are eagerly looking forward to becoming a reality in the consumer sector, which requires continuous innovations in a variety of different semiconductor products and technologies.” STMicroelectronics spokesperson pointed out that “In 2011 and beyond, the market not only has more to ICs. The needs, but also require greater progress in each area, including automobiles, equipment, energy, etc. Innovation culture can promote a thriving company to meet customers' desire for endless demand for new solutions and new applications. Years and later market demand needs semiconductor manufacturers to meet with innovative technologies and solutions. This is very important.

In emerging applications that we see everywhere, the integration of various existing technologies into a new application has gradually become a development paradigm. For example, the very popular Internet of Things, its constituent technologies are all mature technologies: RFID, sensors, Zigbee, MEMS, signal processing, and so on, these existing technologies have stimulated a very huge market after being merged. According to forecast, by 2020, the scale of China's Internet of Things market can reach 5 trillion!

In addition, digital gyros and MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical system) chipsets incorporating wireless communication and information acquisition and processing will not only bring more information and functions to consumers, but also provide a new type of diagnostic, therapeutic and fitness equipment. Information Center feedback information. For example, a new generation of micromachined sensors can measure up to 11 movements and changes, including temperature, pressure, and momentum. In some applications, these sensors can play an important role and can even save people's lives. For example, in remote patient monitoring applications, these sensors can help medical personnel to identify the patient's heart failure caused by myocardial infarction. Still the pressure caused by climbing stairs.

A spokesperson for STMicroelectronics pointed out that another example of fusion is a new type of contact lens equipped with a special chip capable of measuring intraocular pressure up to 24 hours, including nighttime intraocular pressure changes that cannot be captured by conventional intraocular pressure testing, to help ophthalmologists find glaucoma diseases Hidden danger. This special contact lens can send the wearer's data to the information processing center, providing more comprehensive diagnostic information than the traditional laboratory methods, allowing medical personnel to intervene early to prevent the disease from further deterioration. “This example also illustrates another important implication of innovation: the need for collaboration between companies in different fields and synergy. In this case, STMicroelectronics collaborated with a newly established small-scale medical equipment company Sensimed to explore together. And develop new applications."

Therefore, integrated application innovation with IC as its core not only satisfies more human needs, but also creates a new huge market. Ma Chunqi, director of marketing and application of Fairchild's mobile, computing, consumer and communications markets, also believes that wireless convergence is the future trend, and that the pursuit of higher energy efficiency will also be the future trend of IC development. He believes this is also the driving force of China and even the global market. force. He pointed out that the integration is centered on connectivity, smart and mobile computing, access to data, audio, voice, images, portable medical devices, high efficiency, and longer battery management through portable devices.

What are the key areas of IC convergence?

In addition to the above-mentioned Internet of Things and medical electronics, there are many areas where ICs can be integrated. These are:

1. Security and confidentiality Theft prevention In everyday life, more and more semiconductor chips are used in security systems. For example, the automotive industry is one of the markets with the most market opportunities for semiconductor products. Today, automobiles use semiconductor technology to activate automotive response systems. There will be more and more cars equipped with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that can detect pedestrians, animals, vehicles and traffic signals and activate the car collision avoidance system: collision avoidance system has two working modes, one is for the driver In a dangerous situation, the other is to actively operate the vehicle before the driver reacts. High-end cars equipped with these advanced technologies have already appeared on the market, and I believe that this technology will soon be seen on mid-size cars. Similarly, a smart power airbag chip integrating power switching transistors and control circuitry on a single chip is in the R&D phase. This new product can operate the airbag with faster speed and less energy consumption and adjust it according to the surrounding environment. The blast characteristics of the airbag (ie, whether the child being protected is a child weighing 50 pounds or a 200 pound adult). There are also anti-virus systems, hacker defenses, and secure data storage. Chip vendors also seek different technical solutions to solve the digital security and information protection issues of government departments and companies.

2. A new generation of human-machine interface that integrates MEMS and other technologies With the advent of next-generation tablets and mobile phones, simple pointing, dragging, and sliding will not meet consumer demand. For example, as devices add complex games and other functions, system functions that interpret gyroscopes, accelerometers, and system chips with a processor to interpret user motion will occupy a more important role in the user interface. Smart semiconductor companies know that they must continue to develop motion-control interactive interfaces and continuously improve the technology.

3. New energy and energy-saving applications promise Semiconductor companies that are helping to reduce fossil fuel consumption globally are applying new technologies to provide more accurate and advanced digital metering solutions for power companies and natural gas suppliers. Smart grid technology can help consumers manage electricity bills more effectively, enable consumers to grasp the electricity consumption in hours, and how to save electricity during the peak period of electricity consumption, so that power companies can be selective in the peak period of electricity demand. Increase power supply. Semiconductor technology also plays an important role in the development of alternative energy sources with economic effects. For example, semiconductors are the main components of renewable energy technologies such as solar panels, helping to collect solar energy and then converting solar energy into electricity with the highest efficiency. "The focus of ST's research and development is also the three major challenges facing the world today: energy efficiency; cheaper, easier-to-use medical devices, security products and data protection applications."

4, smart handheld terminals Fairchild's Ma Chunqi said that as the main force of wireless convergence, mobile phones and smart phones will continue to maintain growth, the market in 2009 shipped more than 1 billion, analysts expect mobile phones from 2009 to 2012 Shipments will reach 5.5 billion, and it is expected that smart phones will account for more than 20% of the total market share by 2012. According to the aforementioned data, the growth range of semiconductor components in these handsets is 25% to 30%!

"We are investing more to develop targeted analog and power IP product families to meet the specific signal requirements of handset manufacturers for audio, video, USB, signal, sensing and timing functions, as well as peripherals, cores, lighting and RF Part of the power management needs," he said.

5. Integration of Power Management Technology Ouyang Qiang, technical market manager of Hangzhou Branch of the US Core Source Systems Co., Ltd. (MPS) said that integrating more functions on a single chip is an inevitable trend in the industry, so MPS is committed to the high integration of power chips. And will continue to develop in this direction, MPS's fully integrated analog power chip in the industry has done the world's leading level. In 2011, MPS will have more integrated chips with integrated functions, such as multi-channel integrated PMUs, digital-analog hybrid integrated VR controllers, and multi-function chips with communication interfaces and registers.

III. Convergence Solutions to be Showcased at the 2011 Shanghai Shanghai Electronics Fair At the 2011 Shanghai Electronics Show in Munich, STMicroelectronics will focus on the display of automotive electronics and power-related technologies and products. Automotive electronics-related technologies include the L9781, L9780, Monaco, and high-performance constant-current LED drivers, as well as demonstrations of body control, airbag, and motor control. In addition, there are demonstrations of power products for applications such as LED lighting, solar power, and automotive electronics.

Fairchild’s Ma Chunqi said that the company will showcase its latest power technology and portable technology at the 2011 Shanghai Electronics Show in Munich. Showcasing more than 20 solutions for LED lighting, portable, motor and motion control, automotive and consumer applications. These include the new mWSaver technology, highly integrated pulse width control (PWM) controller FAN302HL, full-duplex, bidirectional logic gate optocoupler FOD8012, Dual CoolTM package for MOSFET devices, and more.

U.S. Core Source Systems (MPS) will demonstrate the NB638 family of fully-integrated power management ICs. The chip covers a number of patented MPS technologies and reaches the industry's highest level of power density. Achieve a rated output of 8 amps in a small 3*4mm package. Advanced control methods are adopted, featuring small size, high efficiency and fast response to load jumping.

Companies such as IR, Infineon, Linear Technology, ON Semiconductor, and Vishay will also demonstrate solutions that integrate innovation around applications such as electric vehicles and new energy sources.