Philips Lighting pushes the Tstarson brand channel to power the mid-end HID market

Recently, Philips Lighting held a new national distributor meeting in Harbin. Lin Liangqi, general manager of Philips Lighting Greater China, attended the conference and announced that since 2011, the sub-brand Stason including light source, ballast and other product sequences will become the focus of future mid-end HID market channels. , And to meet China's booming second and third-tier cities and mid-end user market demand.

It is reported that Stason is one of the trademark brands owned by Philips Lighting and is still a trademark that is still used in the European market. Since 2010, Philips Lighting has actively prepared to promote it as the company's second brand in the Chinese market, creating a new competitive edge for the Philips Lighting brand strategy. The currently launched Starson brand products are mainly targeted at the mid-range HID field, including light sources such as mercury lamps, sodium lamps, and metal halide lamps, as well as various ballasts, triggers, and capacitors. Previously, in 2010, the sales of the Starson brand achieved a 16% growth, and gained considerable popularity and market recognition with its reliable quality and stable performance. In addition, all products of the Stalsson series are manufactured by Philips Lighting's factories and will provide Philips with quality assurance and after-sales services.