Portable Lighting Market Stabilizes LED Light Sources into Industry Hotspots

Portable lighting refers to small, light weight, with certain mobility lighting products, generally handheld electronic lighting tools, belonging to a branch of the lighting industry, occupy an indispensable position in modern life. From the point of view of development, the development of portable mobile lighting products can be traced back to the primitive society of human social development. Since humans learned to drill fire, mobile lighting has gone through the development of fire, oil, candles and electronic lighting. Mobile lighting tools have undergone numerous changes. There have been torches, oil lamps, candles, kerosene lamps, incandescent light bulb flashlights, and xenon light bulb flashlights. Nowadays, LED flashlights, emergency lights, miner's lamps, headlights, etc.

Regardless of daily life, work, industrial production, engineering construction, road traffic, portable lighting appliances are widely used. Its development is mainly driven by the following two factors:

Frequent disasters cause social problems and power security is threatened. In recent years, natural and social disasters have occurred frequently throughout the world. For example, the Indian Ocean tsunami that occurred in 2004 caused 150,000 deaths and left hundreds of thousands of people homeless. The 2005 earthquake in South Asia caused more than 3 million people to become homeless. In 2010, the earthquake in Haiti killed 110,000 people. More than 3 million people have become refugees; the Japanese tsunami in 2011.

The frequent occurrence of natural disasters caused huge damage to public facilities such as power facilities in the disaster areas. The power facilities were in a paralyzed state, which caused great obstacles to the development of emergency relief work in the disaster areas. The shortage of electricity also brought great disasters to the daily lives of people in the disaster areas. The inconvenience, portable lighting fixtures as a supplemental measure of power supply after the disaster played an irreplaceable role in the rapid development of relief work and maintenance of basic daily lighting. Portable lighting fixtures have also been widely used.

The outdoor sports in developed countries have developed rapidly, driving the use of portable lamps and lanterns in Europe and the United States. With a good natural environment and people's desire for healthy lifestyles, outdoor sports have a very broad mass base and provide a fundamental foundation for the development of outdoor products industry. power.

According to a research report released by OIF “The Active Outdoor Recreation Economy”, the annual retail sales of outdoor sports goods in the United States reached 46 billion U.S. dollars in 2006. According to the data of “Mountains” magazine, the average growth rate of the European outdoor products industry from 2001 to 2006 was 7%, which was higher than the overall economic growth rate in Europe during the same period. With the widespread dissemination of outdoor lifestyles, the consumption habits of the public for outdoor products have also gradually changed. Outdoor products have many features such as various styles, excellent quality and performance, and stylish appearance, and are increasingly recognized and loved by consumers. Therefore, people will choose outdoor products in their daily life. As a part of outdoor products, portable lamps and lanterns show a strong momentum of rapid development of the Chaoyang industry.

At present, with the global transfer of production bases, China has become an important portable lighting product production base in the world. In 2010, the output value of portable lighting products in China reached 2.01 billion U.S. dollars and exports exceeded 800 million U.S. dollars. The following table shows the trends in the output value of portable mobile lighting products in China.

From the above table, we can see that since 2007, China's portable lighting industry has always maintained a stable development trend, and the total output value has risen steadily. After 2011, with the acceleration of the global economic recovery and the increasing emphasis on the concept of humanism, the portable lighting product market will further expand, whether it is daily use, reserve emergency response, or personal outdoor sports. By 2015, the total output value of portable lighting products in China It is expected to reach 3.232 billion U.S. dollars.

It is worth noting that with the gradual phase-out of traditional light source products, the price of new LED light source products will be reduced, and the proportion of portable lighting products using LED light sources in the overall product will be significantly increased, which will become a new hot spot in the industry.

Compared with traditional light sources, LED light sources have the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, stability, etc. The application of portable lighting devices using mobile power can effectively increase the working time of lighting equipment, reduce product weight, and make it more mobile. But in the past, subject to the LED chip price factor, the application of LED light sources in portable mobile lighting devices still needs to be improved. The following table shows the penetration rate of LED light source products in portable lighting devices from 2006 to 2010:

In particular, with the gradual maturity of the LED industry since 2008, the price of LED light sources has been gradually reduced, which has greatly increased the affordability of portable lighting equipment manufacturers for LED light source products. At the same time, the gradual stabilization of the performance of LED light source products has also stimulated portable lighting equipment manufacturers to select LED light sources as the light sources of equipment. According to the statistics of China Lighting Association, the penetration rate of LED light source products in portable lighting equipment in China reached 35% in 2010 and will reach about 65% by 2013. The following figure shows the output value of LED light source portable lighting industry in China in 2007-2013 and the scale of application of LED light source.

In summary, with the acceleration of the overall recovery of the global economy, China's portable lighting products industry will continue to maintain a stable development trend. At the same time as China's LED industry continues to mature, LED light source performance tends to stabilize, prices gradually return to rationality, the application of LED light sources in portable lighting products will become a new direction for the development of the industry.