Wang Wenjing: The software industry welcomes the golden decade will not be empty talk

"Today's China already has the soil to produce world-class management software vendors." On the morning of this Tuesday, UF Chairman and President Wang Wenjing briefly stayed in Guangzhou, and the purpose of the trip, Wang Wenjing in addition to meeting the weight of UFIDA Guangdong. In addition to customers, the more important ones are the good news of the overall development of the management software industry.

During the interview that took nearly 60 minutes, the reporter noticed that there was a clear difference from the previous almost-annual conversation. This time, Wang Wenjing talked more about the development prospects of the entire management software industry in the media in Guangzhou. It is no longer limited to UF itself. According to Wang Wenjing, with the transformation of China's economic development mode, the space for the development of information technology will be infinitely enlarged. In other words, the management software companies and the entire software industry will usher in a rare golden decade.

“We say that the golden decade in which the software industry will usher in development has been proven. During this period, the market is the biggest driver.” Wang Wenjing said that in addition to the market’s drive, the country’s strong support for the software industry, especially It is the publication of the new No. 18 document (that is, “Several Policies to Further Encourage the Development of the Software Industry and Integrated Circuit Industry”), which has greatly stimulated the development of the software industry.

According to public information, since the publication of Circular No. 18 (2000 “Several Policies Encouraging the Development of the Software Industry and the Integrated Circuit Industry”) in 2000, the revenue of the software industry in China has increased from 59.3 billion in 2000 to 997 billion in 2009. The average annual growth rate reached 36.8%. In 2010, the sales revenue of China's software industry once again climbed up to a level of more than 1.3 trillion yuan, an increase of more than 30% compared to 2009.

In the face of a new wave of industry, Wang Wenjing said that he will continue to build the core competitiveness of UF's series of companies by grasping the strategic opportunities of the 12th Five-Year Plan and cloud computing. However, Wang Wenjing also said that this wave of industry will not be all opportunities. "For software companies that fail to grasp the direction, they will be shuffled by the market."