IC equipment specialization drives relevant industries to grow by nearly 100 billion yuan

According to reports, during the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, China implemented a "major special project for very large-scale integrated circuit manufacturing equipment and complete sets of process technology," accumulatively applied for 4,248 patents, achieved total sales of more than 10 billion yuan, and boosted related industries by nearly 100 billion yuan. .

News site: First, please contact SMIC with Datang Microelectronics and six other design company leaders to sign a cooperation agreement...

At the beginning of this month (March), the signing ceremony for the procurement of integrated circuits equipment “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” results was held in Beijing. There were 46 companies in the IC industry chain reached a consensus on cooperation, the total amount of the first phase contract totaled 848 million yuan. .

The first special administrative responsible person and deputy mayor of Beijing Municipality Ruan Zhongwen: The key materials for the 21 types of integrated circuit equipment specially researched and developed have successively entered the assessment and verification of the SMIC large-scale production line, achieving the complete set production of the 65-nm complete set of processes. China's complete set of integrated circuit technology has achieved a leap-forward development and entered the international mainstream.

Special projects start from the project, there is a clear user target. Reversed the situation that China's integrated circuit equipment can not enter the application of large-scale production lines.

Zhai Zhongwen: The special "Twelfth Five-Year" stage will be deployed with the goal of mastering core technologies, developing superior products, forming innovative features, and improving industrial strength.