NS Releases 10 New SolarMagic Integrated Circuits

National Semiconductor announced a series of 10 new SolarMagic integrated circuits that have the advantages of reducing solar system power generation costs, improving operational stability, and simplifying circuit design. The newly introduced chips of this series have the first full-bridge gate drivers and micropower regulators. They are suitable for various electronic devices in solar energy systems, including micro-converters, power optimizers, and charge controllers. And battery panels and other safety devices.

The new SolarMagic chip complies with the Solar Renewable Energy Certification Standard and has been carefully designed to ensure normal operation in harsh environments, such as roofs, where the difference between high and low temperatures is high. Through rigorous stability tests to ensure more stable and reliable performance and compliance with solar energy System operating requirements. In addition, this series of chips can operate for a long time, suitable for solar modules with a service life of 25 years or more. The solar system with SolarMagic chip can also increase power generation, reduce the cost per unit of electricity generation, and ensure that junction boxes and other sealing devices are more secure and reliable. When the SolarMagic chip is used independently, the microconverter or power optimizer can provide higher gate drive voltage and current.

National Semiconductor also provides a full set of reference designs and application notes to assist system designers in quickly completing the entire solar system's circuit design. Each reference design has its own dedicated test board, bill of materials, and circuit diagrams. National Semiconductor will exhibit a full range of SolarMagic chips at the solar photovoltaic show in Munich, Germany, from June 8th to 10th.

National Semiconductor also offers two programmable Maximum Power Conversion Tracking Control (MPPT) controllers, model SM72441 and SM72442, which allow the distributed power optimizer of the solar system to add maximum power conversion tracking. These two chips have a variety of different functions, including voltage and current diagnostics, four built-in switching boost/buck converter control functions, overvoltage/overcurrent protection, and I2C interface connectivity.

SM72295 Full-Bridge Gate Driver and SM72482 Dual-Channel 5A Composite Gate Driver Supports Power Supply Optimizer, Microconverter and Charge Controller Power Supply Processing Circuits, and Drives 4 Discrete MOSFETs in Full-Bridge Configuration At the same time, these two drivers have built-in high-current over-current detection amplifiers and can deliver/return large amounts of current.

National Semiconductor also offers the SM72485 constant-on-time switching regulator for various bias power systems that drive power optimizers, microconverters, and charge controllers. It features operating voltages up to 100V and has poles. High power conversion efficiency. National Semiconductor also offers the SM72238 5V low dropout regulator that reduces system power consumption.

National Semiconductor offers a variety of different chip products for the support of commonly used auxiliary circuits for distributed power optimizers and battery chargers in solar power systems, allowing such applications to add detection, sensing, and supervisory control. Features include the SM72240 reset with monitoring function, the SM72375 dual-channel micropower rail-to-rail input CMOS comparator, the SM72480 switch and sensor for accurate and presettable temperature, and high-accuracy CMOS for a wide range of supply voltages Rail-to-Rail Input/Output Amplifier SM72501 etc.

The 10 new SolarMagic chips are available in a variety of standard packages and have all been in volume production.