iPad 3 performance expectation: thinner, Retina display

Although the iPad 2 has been available for less than a month, some people have begun to start YY on the iPad 3, and Dan Frommer, a business technology writer at the foreign technology website, has started to analyze the user's new features for the iPad 3. look forward to. Sina Technology compiled and compiled the text as follows:

Although the iPad 2 has just appeared on the market less than a month in supply shortage, many people can not buy Apple's new generation of iPad, but its realization we should start talking about Apple's next-generation iPad 3 tablet PC.

The most anticipated upgrade: Retina display Retina display for the iPhone 4 smartphone is amazing, it can make text, games more realistic, the entire system looks even better, maybe it will appear in the future iPad tablet in.

Since the Retina display has four times as many pixels as other displays, it needs to be upgraded on the basis of the display screens used today. Coupled with the high cost of display components, Retina display is likely to appear in the high-end, more expensive iPad, but users still very much hope that the iPad can be equipped with this display.

Get rid of iTunes and PC restrictions iPad is becoming the future of personal computers, then why does it need to synchronize with Mac and PC? We hope that Apple can further upgrade iOS, making the iPad independent of PC computers. It may also be a good idea to keep synchronizing with the PC through the USB interface or WiFi, but considering that Apple has always emphasized that the iPad is a post-PC era product, it seems ironic to Apple if the iPad continues to rely on the PC.

Lighter weight The iPad 2 has been lighter than the first-generation iPad, but Apple’s competitors are still trying to make the tablet lighter and lighter, which is a feature we believe Apple can continue to upgrade.

iPad 2 weighs 1.33 pounds, Samsung's 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab also weighs 1.33 pounds, 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab weighs 10.04 pounds. If Apple can reduce the iPad 3's weight to 1 pound in the future, it would be a great result, but the premise is not to sacrifice the battery life.

Supporting 4G networks It is a good experience to be able to use the 3G to access the Internet on the iPad, but it is not always smooth when watching videos, and sometimes the connection will be delayed. If the iPad 3 can support 4G LTE, watching the video will be very smooth.

More slimmer Samsung previously stated that its Galaxy Tab is thinner than the iPad by 0.2mm, and it is necessary for Apple to counterattack with a new generation of products. But this is not a necessary upgrade. Considering that Apple can maintain battery life for 10 hours, the upgrade of thickness is not an imminent issue.

Completely redesigned speaker system We like to play iPad in bed for a long time without wearing headphones. Its speaker sound is OK, but it is not so prominent, because there is only a separate speaker on the left or right side of the screen. , so the sound it emits is not symmetrical.

It seems that Apple needs to have 3-4 speakers in all aspects of the iPad. If Apple really wants to achieve this upgrade, then they certainly can do it.

Lower prices Apple may not consider price issues next year, but if Android tablets are cheaper and sales increase, Apple may consider lowering the price of entry-level iPads.

Larger or smaller screen Apple has previously publicly attacked 7-inch tablets, so larger-sized tablets look more likely, but everything is possible.

Support NFC Near Field Communication Technology If the iPhone can support NFC technology, then the iPad can also, do you not want to use the iPad to buy a cup of coffee?

Support for more new software When the iPad 3 is available, Apple’s iOS 5 may have already been released and is developing a new generation of iOS 6 operating system. We have listed some of the new features developers and consumers expect, including cloud services, better alerting and notification capabilities, and better camera applications.

There are many factors in the launch time, we believe that Apple will make major updates on the iPad next year, that is, in March and April of next year.

However, Android tablets are available every week this year, and some of these models should be fairly good. If Apple is still the leader of the tablet next summer, they can also use the iPad 2. But if Android tablets or RIM, HP models start to attract attention from the outside world, then Apple will respond, and will make some kind of updates in the next shopping season.

The updated iPad may be referred to as the iPad 2.5, or the cheaper version of the iPad 2, or more storage capacity and other slightly updated versions. The addition of many updates will eventually lead to the advent of the iPad 3.

For now, Apple still dominates the tablet PC market, and this momentum will continue for a year, so Apple is not in a hurry to launch the iPad 3.