Energy-saving lamps exported to Mexico

Starting in August, the Mexican government officially implemented a lighting energy saving plan throughout the country. It is expected that 22.9 million energy-saving lamps will be imported from China this year. Energy-saving lamps and lanterns manufacturing enterprises in Wenzhou will export Mexico's products to every opportunity.

It is reported that Mexico’s lighting energy saving plan will gradually replace the incandescent lamps used in the country with energy-saving lamps by 2014. To ensure the smooth implementation of the plan, the Mexican government and the World Bank will invest 559 million pesos (approximately 288 million yuan). The first phase of the mission will be completed within the next six months. By then, Mexican households can use 4 incandescent lamps for the same number of energy-saving lamps. At present, Mexico basically does not produce energy-saving lamps. Therefore, the demand for energy-saving lamps in the country is huge. The reason why the Mexican government has a special liking for energy-saving lamps made in China is inextricably linked to the low price of energy-saving lamps in China.

Mexico is a country with large energy consumption. Since 1990, the Mexican government has set up a National Energy Conservation Committee in the Ministry of Energy to supervise energy conservation throughout the country. In the same year, the National Power Saving Commission was established to implement more specific power-saving tasks. In order to meet the country’s energy requirements, energy-saving lamps entering the Mexican market must also pass Mexico’s mandatory performance-based certification, which is implemented by an accredited Mexican accreditation organization (EMA) certification body and is a Mexican mandatory product certification (Normas Oficiales Mexicanas, Part of the abbreviation NOM). Products that are subject to mandatory performance certification have been certified and affixed with energy efficiency labels that reflect the energy use of the product before they can be sold in Mexico.

To this end, the inspection and quarantine department reminded the majority of energy-saving lighting production companies: seize the opportunity for Mexico's domestic electricity environment and product certification standards, and timely update energy-saving lighting product design; consulting to understand the state to encourage the export tax refund policy, and remind Companies actively apply for certificates of origin for energy-saving lighting fixtures to benefit customers and increase their product competitiveness. As an opportunity to accelerate product transformation and upgrading, they can quickly get rid of the rising costs of raw materials and labor, and develop energy-saving lamps with high added value. International high-end lighting market.