Electronic Components: Emerging Industries Drive High-End Transformation

The reporter learned from the "12th Five-Year Plan Conference of the China Electronic Component Industry Summit 2011 and the China Electronic Components Industry" that, although the total sales and output of the domestic electronic components industry ranks first in the world, domestic components are improving innovation capabilities. There is still a long way to go in terms of product performance, creation of independent brands, and so on. During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, China's electronic components industry must seize the opportunity to vigorously develop strategic emerging industries, accelerate the application of key component products such as the Internet of Things, and enable key production of key components in major application areas.

Emerging Industries Bring Market Opportunities From a global perspective, developed countries in the world have taken electronic components as an important part of their national development strategy and have formulated relevant policies to promote the development of the electronic components industry. After several decades of development, China's electronic components industry has made considerable progress. At present, it has formed an electronic component industrial system with the largest output in the world, relatively complete categories, and a sound industrial chain. Among various types of electronic component products, the output of RC components, electro-acoustic devices, magnetic materials, piezoelectric quartz crystal components, printed circuit boards, micro-motors, electronic transformers and control relays ranks first in the world.

According to data from the China Electronic Components Industry Association, in 2010, the total sales volume and total output of the domestic electronic components industry ranked first in the world, with total sales of 1.1741 trillion yuan, accounting for approximately 20% of China's total sales of electronic information manufacturing.

According to the "12th Five-Year Plan for China Electronic Components" released by the China Electronic Component Industry Association at the meeting, in the next five years, the total sales revenue of China's electronic components industry will reach 1.88 trillion yuan, an average annual increase of 10%. The plan also clearly stated that in order to improve the application level of key component products in important areas such as the Internet of Things, by the end of 2015, Chinese companies in key application fields will be able to mass produce and gradually replace imported products.

The rapid development of various emerging industries and the upgrading of traditional industries have brought more space to the electronic components industry. Wen Xueli, Chairman of the China Electronic Component Industry Association, told the China Electronics News that during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the development of emerging industries will greatly expand the application of electronic components. New energy industry represented by solar energy and wind energy will become As an important part of China’s power supply, new types of vehicles represented by electric vehicles and high-speed railway locomotives will enter a practical stage. New types of audio-visual equipment represented by Blu-ray players and flat-panel HDTVs will be further popularized in the home to WiFi. The new generation of communication technologies represented by optical fiber broadband technology will cover the whole country, and these areas have brought huge market for domestic component enterprises.

Product performance still needs to be improved Although China has become a major component manufacturer, low-end and mid-end electronic components account for more than 50% of the world's total output of the same class of products. High-end products only account for about 20%. Key components in important fields, such as highly reliable sensors for the Internet of Things, high-performance electronic components for automobiles, low-cost optical fibers for broadband networks, and optical preforms, etc., China needs to have quality and quantity of products. breakthrough. “The domestic electronic component industry must take advantage of the rapid development of strategic emerging industries to accelerate the research, development and industrialization of high-end electronic component products for strategic emerging industries, and gradually achieve the goal of replacing domestic products with foreign products in key areas.” Emphasize.

Li Zhihai, Electronic Components Purchasing Manager of Bosch (China) Investment Co., Ltd. in Asia Pacific, said that the proportion of electronic components in automotive products has risen from 5% to 25% at present, and even 50% in mid- to high-end vehicles. It may account for 60% in the future. Therefore, the auto industry should be a good market for China's electronic component companies. "However, from the perspective of Bosch's local supplier development, China's component companies are not optimistic. Of the new suppliers Bosch has developed over the past 10 years, only one is from mainland China, and mainland China uses electronic products in cars. Most of them are limited to audio and GPS navigation, and there are few electronic products related to the field of automobile safety and engine control, said Li Zhihai. He pointed out that if you want to enter the supply system of auto manufacturers, component companies must have quality first, strong R&D capabilities, process orientation, competitive prices, effective 5S management, rich product lines, and stable financial conditions. Meet the relevant standards of the automotive industry.

Wei Leping, director of the China Telecom Science and Technology Commission, said that in the field of optical communications, China has advantages that other countries cannot match, including the world's largest user market, the closest technology to the world, the world's most complete optical communications industry chain and low manufacturing costs. . "The development of China's broadband optical network will usher in a historic development opportunity with the goal of tri-network convergence, fiber access for cable access, and broadband access as the core and intelligent pipelines. This will bring broad prospects to domestic fiber optic cable companies. The prospects for development," he said.

Enterprise innovation promotes development Along with the rise of emerging industries such as energy conservation and environmental protection, new generation of information technology, new energy, high-end equipment manufacturing and new energy vehicles, new technologies and new products emerge in endlessly. The development of complete machines and equipment has brought forward innovations in electronic component technology. Higher requirements: smaller size, lower cost, higher accuracy and integration, new electronic components produced with new materials and new processes will be more promising.

Gu Qun, director of the Information Center of China Electronic Component Industry Association, said that China's electronic component companies have made breakthroughs in some key technologies and products by targeting market demand and intensifying innovation.

Acoustics Acoustics Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. is based on electro-acoustic components and enters high-end technical fields such as voice software technology, radio frequency wireless technology and low-temperature co-fired ceramic technology. It has also acquired other companies and entered the field of optical components. One of the top 100 companies with the strongest profitability.

Chaozhou Sanhuan Group Co., Ltd. uses its solid foundation in the field of electronic ceramics technology and actively develops new technologies such as optical fiber connector ceramic ferrules and ceramic substrates for IGBT modules. Sanhuan successfully broke the technological monopoly of Japanese companies and became the largest ceramic ferrule production base in the world. At present, the annual output of ceramic ferrules of the company accounts for more than 40% of the world's total production.

Motors are the "main force" of electricity consumption. According to the National Energy Research Institute, more than 60% of the total electricity generated in China is consumed by various electric motors. Therefore, improving the energy efficiency of electric motors is of great significance to energy conservation and emission reduction. Zhang Min, general manager of Changzhou Xiangming Electronics Co., Ltd., said that intelligence is a development direction of micro-motors. They developed a fully integrated intelligent DC brushless motor is a new type of motor products, detected by authoritative departments, each product The technical indicators have reached the international advanced level and have filled the domestic gap. This product is an important part of China's strategic emerging industries such as the development of electronic information, and it is of great significance for upgrading China's technological equipment.