Energy-saving subsidies are expected to expand to all home appliance categories

The air-conditioning energy-saving project was completed on May 31 this year after it was implemented for two years. However, the reporter recently learned that in addition to the country may start again to upgrade air-conditioning energy-saving products subsidies, the scope of energy-saving subsidies will be expected to cover all home appliances.

The relevant personages of the Energy Efficiency Label Management Center of the China National Institute of Standardization stated that the policy implementation idea is to implement financial subsidies and promote efficient energy-saving products based on changes in the market share of high-efficiency energy-saving products over a period of several years. The target of subsidies is the users who purchase energy-efficient products. As the main part of the promotion, the enterprise uses the normal sales price minus the price after the financial subsidy as the sales price.

With the old-for-new incentives, home appliances to the countryside and other incentives to withdraw from entering the “countdown”, energy-saving subsidies have long been high hopes for home appliance companies. According to industry insiders, energy saving subsidies are more conducive to promoting industrial upgrading than previous stimulus policies that were solely designed to stimulate domestic demand.