Everlight Plus China LED Lighting Market Establishes Solid State Lighting Company

Recently, due to the growing number of LED lighting business opportunities in mainland China, and policy purchases in various parts of China that emphasize localization, Taiwan Everlight has increased investment in LED lighting in mainland China. It is reported that Yiguang’s board of directors passed a resolution on the 22nd that it will invest 15 million yuan to establish Everlight solid-state lighting company.

The board of directors of Yiguang also passed the financial report of last year on the 22nd. It is understood that the combined revenue of last year was 17.4 billion yuan, and the net profit after tax was 2.322 billion yuan. It was taught to increase by 29% in 2009.

Everlight, as the leading LED downstream company in Taiwan, is relatively low-key in large-size backlighting and LED lighting. This investment in the mainland is another new investment trend of Everlight investing in the mainland in 2009. According to the latest report of the 22nd Sunrise furnace, some analysts believe that because of the fierce competition in the field of TV backlighting, the average size of the large-size backlight shipments is not high, even lower than the average gross profit margin of 100 million light.