Increased demand for medical applications chips Renesas, Austria Microelectronics to seize market share

With the continuous and rapid growth of global medical equipment market demand, foreign analog IC manufacturers have proposed the latest chip solutions for customer-specific applications. Renesas, the world's leading MCU manufacturer, has announced the latest Continua display platform and has been adopted by blood glucose meter customers. As for Austriamicrosystems and Intersil, it has introduced the latest high-efficiency buck converters and precision. The operational amplifiers hope to avoid the noise interference problems most concerned by medical equipment and industrial products by improving the stability and accuracy of signal transmission.

Renesas said that the latest Continua platform and related application software proposed by its 32-bit MCU solution will ensure the energy efficiency level of long-life battery life and implement a complete software function. Since medical devices such as blood glucose meters enhance the online capabilities to comply with Continua guidelines, the company's latest chip solutions already have up to 1MB of flash memory and integrated USB capabilities to handle increased software loads without sacrificing users. Expected long-life battery life.

According to the latest definition of the Continua Health Alliance, Continua-certified healthcare devices will store time-stamped measurements and automatically transfer data to medical professionals, thereby eliminating error-prone manual collection of measurement data. To improve medical data and diagnostic quality. However, because these devices must collect and transmit data every day, this makes power saving and stability a new generation of medical products, the latest functional requirements, but also to the relevant chip business opportunities.