iPhone 4S popping users need to wait 3 weeks to buy

iPhone 4S bursts with user purchases need to wait 3 weeks November 18 news, according to technology website BGR reports, Apple's latest smart phone iPhone 4S is still in short supply in January after the listing, resulting in the need to wait for more than three weeks to buy a new mobile phone customers. Strong demand led to shortages across the country, Verizon's official website showed that customers need to wait 3 weeks to get the machine, AT&T and Sprint customers have to wait 21 days and 14 days.

Verizon Wireless said it is currently working with Apple to supplement the iPhone 4S inventory. "The popularity of the iPhone 4S continues to grow. We do not want to keep customers waiting."

Sales of the Apple iPhone 4S reached 4 million units within three days of its initial launch. Apple said in its quarterly financial report that it is confident that the iPhone will break sales records this quarter.