Liaoning built 500kV backbone grid to bid farewell to “backbone grid”

Yan Fulong, general manager of Liaoning Electric Power Co., Ltd., told reporters on the 29th that in the past three years, the development of Liaoning power grid has made historic breakthroughs, with an accumulated investment of 39.836 billion yuan, 5,726 kilometers of new transmission lines, and 37.58 million transformers. Volt-ampere, which is equivalent to the construction of a Liaoning power grid, basically built a 500-kilovolt backbone grid, greatly enhancing the safety and reliability of power supply, and completely resolving the problem of “power cuts and power cuts”.

Liaoning is the load center of the Northeast Power Grid, and electricity consumption accounts for 54% of the three provinces in Northeast China. One-third of its electricity needs to be transferred from other provinces. Since the implementation of the strategy for the revitalization of northeast China, with the rapid economic development of Liaoning, the power construction has lagged behind, and the problem of weak transmission capacity of the power grid has become increasingly prominent. In the early period of the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”, the amount of electricity lost due to “power cuts” was more than 4 billion kWh.

Since 2008, Liaoning Electric Power Co., Ltd. has fully implemented the strategic goal of "three years of development" for power grid development. With the construction of a 500-kV backbone grid as its core, it has transformed the development mode of the power grid, accelerated the construction of a strong smart grid, and improved management. And service level. A large number of key transmission lines were completed and put into production, especially the construction of the 500 kV double ring network in central and southern Liaoning, the Hulunbeier Inner Mongolia to Liaoyang AC-DC transmission channel project, which changed the weak state of power grids in coastal areas such as Dalian and promoted coal-fired power bases. Power transmission to Liaoning. At present, the 220 kV old line that has been in service for more than 30 years in the province has basically been eliminated. The electromagnetic ring network that threatens the safe operation of the power grid has been fully opened, and a 500 kV main grid has basically taken shape, further improving the reliability of power supply.

Jiao Baoli, secretary of the Party Group of Liaoning Electric Power Co., Ltd., told the reporter that in the past three years, Liaoning Power Grid has paid special attention to changing the mode of development, promoting management, technology and institutional innovation, and further serving the overall situation of local economic and social development. Since 2009, Liaoning Power Grid has taken the lead in completing nationwide integration of rural power grids, investing 5.5 billion yuan in transforming rural power grids, and achieving unified planning, construction and management of urban and rural power grids to meet the demand for electricity in rural economic development. It also deeply promotes the construction of power grid information, explores the construction of three-grid-integrated smart communities such as fiber-optic-to-home, and promotes the construction of pilot projects for electric vehicle charging and discharging stations, providing support for the development of strategic emerging industries such as electric vehicles.

Yan Fulong, general manager of Liaoning Electric Power Co., Ltd., said that during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, Liaoning Power Grid will continue to increase investment and transformation efforts, and plans to invest 67.38 billion yuan to fully promote the construction of a highly intelligent, intelligent, and interactive smart grid. Enhance the scientific development capacity of the power grid and boost the full revitalization of the industrial base.