Semiconductor market for tablets and e-readers will reach 16 billion U.S. dollars

According to a report released by In-Stat, a market analysis company, “Marketing Analysis of Tablet PCs and E-Readers”, as tablet PCs and e-readers take off worldwide shipments, by 2015, tablet PCs and e-readers The semiconductor market for the device will be close to 16 billion U.S. dollars.

Stephanie Ethier, a senior analyst at In-Stat, said: "In the next five years, e-reader OEMs will have the opportunity to increase revenue, especially as the decline in product prices can be bought by consumers. For tablet PCs, market-driven Factors such as new market entrants, the widening of availability of applications, and the drop in prices will have far-reaching effects, which will increase unit shipments by over 720% during the forecast period."