Putian Tietong cable anti-theft effect

At the end of August, the main cable of Putian Tietong South Gate J10 transfer box was stolen, affecting the normal use of nearly 300 users. The situation is very serious. In order to combat the arrogance of the theft of cables, General Manager Shen Tian of Putian Branch held a special meeting on August 29th. The project engineering department is responsible for the cooperation of the organization, the network transportation department and the construction team, and is responsible for the arrangements for the continuous theft of the J10 main cable in South Gate. The 17:00 engineering department organizes the network transportation and the construction team leader to discuss and determine the arrest route and In the process of arresting the personnel safety and other programs, after intense intensive ambush for 1 week, at 10:00 pm on September 10th, our staff and 10 construction crews ambush their heads in the suede road, until 00:32 in the morning. The cell phone rings and the cable alarm alarms. The 10 participating players immediately divide the route into 2 routes according to the original plan. The flashlight in the hand is turned off, and the mud is filled with mud on the ground after the heavy rain. They silently rushed to the stolen site and found 2 people. The thieves are using saw blades to cut the cable. This is where the two officers are in place. After the team members cry “who”, the two strike together and succeed in catching two thieves after the private school in Gutou Sugar Mill Community. , When the time is 00:48 in the morning, evening and has reported 110 company leaders, now two thieves detained in Chengxiang branch of Interpol team, the case is still under trial.