ODN costs account for half of FTTx investment splitter connector market

With the promotion of a variety of related policies, large-scale light advancement has gradually begun. With the substantial advancement of FTTx, ODN products, as an important part of the FTTx system, will usher in a development opportunity.

According to statistics, the proportion of investment in ODN access equipment accounts for 50% to 60% of the investment in FTTx equipment. It can be predicted that the market size of ODN access equipment in China will maintain a growth rate of more than 20% in the next few years. By 2012, the market size of ODN access equipment is expected to reach 14.55 billion yuan.

ODN access equipment usually consists of optical splitters, optical connectors, and the equipment (boxes, terminal boxes, etc.) on which these devices are installed. The ODN core technology is mainly embodied in optical splitters, optical connectors and other passive optical device products. The following analysis of the two types of product markets is focused on.

Optical Splitter Market Analysis The PLC optical splitter is mainly applied to the FTTH subscriber access network. In 2009, the global demand for PLC optical splitters was approximately 33 million channels with an annual growth rate of 32%. The global market has shown different patterns in different regions. Japan and South Korea have now approached flat demand after several years of rapid development. Demand is relatively stable, accounting for about half of the market's share. The United States is affected by the financial crisis. The momentum has been affected to a certain extent; while FTTx in developing countries such as China, India and Brazil has been rapidly constructed, which has become the main growth point of the market.

With the continuous advancement of China's FTTx, planar optical waveguide technology (PLC) has become a hot spot in the optical communications industry. The PLC market is booming. Some passive optical device manufacturers are very optimistic about this and are ready to launch the PLC project. At present, the main manufacturers of PLC are Ascension Technology, Cretron Technology, and Fuchuang Science and Technology.

Under the impetus of China Telecom and China Unicom to conduct large-scale PLC product bidding, the domestic PLC market is booming, and order revenue growth is strong. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, operators will accelerate the deployment of FTTx networks, which will effectively promote the market demand for domestic passive devices. As the core device of FTTx, PLC products will gain a large number of applications and share in the global market. It is expected to further improve.

The core of the PLC optical splitter is the chip, and its chip design and manufacturing are particularly critical. In recent years, some optical device companies in China have succeeded in packaging PLC chips. At the same time, most foreign companies have also transferred their chips to China for packaging. These conditions have created favorable conditions for the company to develop the PLC optical splitter industry.

Optical connector market analysis In 2008, the global optical connector demand was 1.01 billion, an increase of about 11% year-on-year, reaching 1.04 billion in 2009. Affected by the increasing market demand in downstream applications such as communications and optical networks, it is expected to reach 1.63 billion by 2012.

The global optical connector is the largest in the American market from the perspective of the consumer market. The largest potential for future development is the Asia-Pacific market. As the development of fiber optic cable technology brings the fiber closer and closer to the end user, people's demand for shorter links, including inter-board interconnections, is increasing. This has led to a significant increase in the use of connectors.

In 2010, the country’s policy of rejuvenating and integrating the optical communications industry will expand the domestic fiber optic connector market and promote the development of the domestic fiber optic connector industry. The restructuring of domestic telecommunications and "3G" licensing have promoted the construction of optical communications networks. The resulting new market demands, including optical copper retreat and "FTTx", represent a huge market opportunity for optical fiber connectors. .

According to the data from the China Electronic Component Industry Association Information Center, the domestic market demand for fiber optic connectors reached 280 million in 2009, and the demand for domestic fiber connector market will grow at a rate of about 12.6% from 2010 to 2015. By 2012, demand will increase. It reached 410 million. Therefore, with the large-scale construction of fiber-optic broadband networks, the three telecom operators are expected to expand the construction of optical networks into the homes in an orderly manner, and the market size of fiber optic connectors will continue to grow.