The market is well developed and it is difficult for Taiwan's semiconductor operation to grow negatively

The recent stock market crash has caused local instability in the North American market to happen now. Coupled with the appreciation of New Taipei and the tepidness of the semiconductor industry in the second half of the year, most domestic semiconductor manufacturers will face negative growth this year.

The foundry giant TSMC has performed well this year. Under the demand of the manufacturer's 28nm process technology, TSMC’s revenue in the first half of the year was as high as 215.885 billion yuan, up 9.5% from the same period of last year. This is enough to withstand the impact of the rise of the New Taiwan dollar, but other manufacturers can not look like this big brother, most of them appear to increase the volume of inventory, increase its water level, in order to prepare for the future market.

TSMC’s latest process development progress has not been announced to the world. It seems that it has encountered some resistance. This life-saving straw hopes to make the foundry business full of blood and restore its vitality.